I Couldn’t Have Said It Better

Macon’s City Council has decided to commit citycide.

Macon’s City Council has once again deluded itself into thinking it knows what it’s doing. In regards to developing a convention hotel, council has repeatedly shown that it doesn’t. This time they were hypnotized by illustrations of what the hotel might look like sitting next to the Wilson Convention Center, and how it will attach to it. Months after the first memorandum of understanding expired and an extension granted, detailed plans have yet to be shown. Soil borings have not been taken or pricing documents prepared that will reveal the true cost of the hotel. . . .On one end, Noble pays the city $625,000 over 25 years. On the other end, the city pays Noble $1.44 million over 15 years. It gets worse. Noble keeps all of the revenue from the convention center. As for the coliseum and auditorium, the city gets to keep the revenue, but it has to pay operating expenses and fund any losses. Such a deal.


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