CD 10: Mark Myers for Congress.

I just received this email with this press release attached.


I’d like to ask you to consider supporting Mark Myers in the upcoming Special Election on June 19th in the 10th district. Mark wants to continue the Reagan Revolution with his “Bold Solutions Contract with America”. In fact Mark is the only candidate in the race to have been personally endorsed for this seat by Ronald Reagan.

Attached is a short press release, Ronald Reagan’s endorsement and here is a link to his website.

If you agree with Mark that the Republican Party needs to return to the values that made them great we ask for your financial support, your vote and especially your prayers.

Best Regards,

Jim Scott , Campaign Manager
Friends of Mark Myers
(678) 990-7335

Myers also includes this endorsement letter from Ronald Reagan….dated October 19, 1988.


  1. drjay says:

    do endorsements not have a statue of limitations? –not sure the reagan endorsement of 1988 is that relevant or appropriate

  2. Holly says:

    Mark Myers doesn’t live in the 10th district. However, I’ve heard it said that he plans to move to the district, but only if he wins.

    Because, you know, that’s the way to win us into believing you have our best interests at heart.

  3. Demonbeck says:


    He’s been planning a run for Congress for almost 20 years now. Clearly he has the best interests of the constituents in mind.

    I don’t know the man and hate to pass judgment, but come on – a 19 year old endorsement? What’s next? An endorsement from Thomas Jefferson to prove he’s a strict constructionalist when it comes to the Constitution?

  4. Holly says:

    The first time I saw Mark Myers speak was tonight at the Grovetown Merchants Association’s Stump Speeches. He talks well, and he has some good ideas. He really is all about Reagan, though, to the point that two guys with him walked over to the front of the audience (yet on the far right side, so not in the way of the stage and podium) holding up a picture of Reagan.

  5. bowersville says:

    There is a problem with making a statement about Myers and stating “clearly he has the best interest of constituents in mind.”

    As Myers lives outside the 10th, we in the 10th are not his constituents.

  6. Holly says:

    Oh, by the way, a few of the candidates admitted at the stump speeches tonight that they live outside the district: Bill Greene, Nate Pulliam, and Mark Myers.

    Nate Pulliam likened not voting for someone out the district to UGA football coach only being selected within a 50 mile radius of the school. He says you’d go all over to find the best man for the coaching job, and it should be the same for Congress. I’m not sure that holds up, however, because this is representing our views and making firm decisions for the people in Washington, not a game.

    Bill Greene feels as though people should challenge him on where he stands, not where he sleeps.

    As stated before, Mark Myers plans to move if he’s elected. So does Nate Pulliam. No promise from Bill Greene to that effect.

  7. JayHanley says:

    I also received that e-mail from Myers’ campaign manager. Not sure how I got on the list.

  8. bowersville says:

    Greene’s funny, my wife would never ask me where I stand, but would thrash me over where I slept if I were sleeping outside the district.

    I don’t understand Pulliams’ point, he lives in Conyers, isn’t that within 50 miles of the 10th district?

    And I don’t think the Pulliam and Myers families need to worry about moving any time soon.

  9. profg says:

    Holly, an avid spokesperson for Whitehead (who *again* failed to show up for an event in his own hometown), didn’t bother to mention what I actually said in my speech: that I live five seconds from the district line, since it forms the border of my subdivision; and that the only people making political hay of that fact are other candidates who can’t distinguish themselves on the actual issues, so they have to make an issue out of “where I sleep, rather than where I stand”.

    I took the time last night to speak with most of the people there who hadn’t made up their minds yet (rather than all of the campaign staffers who outnumbered them), and to a person, all of them were pretty ticked at the petty “politics as usual” of the candidates who were making phone calls or sending direct mail deceptively focusing attention on physical location just to score political points.

    Holly, as I stated last night — and I’m pretty sure you were listening, as I was looking right at you — I have lived in the district for years, but now I live in the one part of Braselton that has been placed just outside of the district. If 1/10th of a mile is really more important to you than the actual issues in a U.S. Congressional race, well, I guess that’s your prerogative.

    Bill Greene

  10. Holly says:


    Good to hear from you again! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you last night at the event.

    I’ve said many times on PeachPundit that I’m a Jim supporter. Everyone here knows that.

    The issue of your residency has come up, Bill, because you’ve made it a point to say many times that you live in the heart of the district. I’ve heard it said at least three times in speeches. There’s also a press release on your web site from April 25th that points out that Jim is from the “extreme” southeast corner of the distrct. That pretty much implies that he’s out of touch with the rest of the district because he’s from the edge, though ignores the fact Columbia has the greatest population.

    Since you were the one to bring it up first as an issue, Bill, you can’t have it both ways. Either it’s important that you live in Braselton or it’s not. I happen to agree with your earlier stance; it’s very important that you live there.

    Holly Croft

  11. Holly says:


    Good to hear from you. I’m very sorry I didn’t get a chance to speak with you last night.

    Everyone on PeachPundit knows I’m a Whitehead supporter, but I definitely don’t mind it being restated.

    The issue of residency came up, Bill, because you made it an issue. I have heard you say at least three times in speeches that you live in the heart of the district.

    I can also go to your web site and see an April 25th press release that says Jim Whitehead lives in the “extreme” southern part of the 10th, implying that living on the edge is a disadvantage, though it ignores the fact that Columbia County has the largest population in the district.

    Either it’s important that you live in Braselton or it’s not. I happen to agree with your first position; it is important.

    Holly Croft

  12. Holly says:

    I’m going to try a third time to post here. It’s been eating my comments, but only on this thread. Curious. 😉

    Bill makes a point that I say often on Peach Pundit, but here it is again, just for clarification: I am a Jim Whitehead supporter.

    As to last night, Bill answered a question that’s frequently asked on 10th district threads at this site, so I saw fit to comment about his residency. I didn’t go into great detail to explain away why all the candidates who aren’t residents think that’s okay, and apparently that’s upset Bill. I apologize for ruffling feathers, but it doesn’t make what I said less true.

    I’m honestly not the one who made Bill Greene’s residency an issue. He did.

    I’ve been to several events where Bill has stated that he lives in the heart of the 10th district. Also, on Bill’s web site is a press release from April 25th where he characterizes Jim’s residence in Evans (where I also live) as the “extreme” southern corner of the 10th. To me, that implies that because of location, Jim out of touch with the other parts of the district.

    Well, if that’s so, then how can Bill be more in touch with the district that he doesn’t reside in? And how can Evans, or anywhere in Columbia County, be out of touch? We’re the largest county by population in the 10th district.

    Now he’s saying it’s not a big deal that he lives 1/10th a mile outside of the district. So, either it’s important that Bill is from Braselton or it’s not, but it can’t be both.

    One thing I didn’t address in the previously eaten comments is that Jim had a stand-in last night, Rep. Barbara Sims. Jim was not in Augusta last night. As I’m sure Bill and any other candidate can attest, sometimes there are lots of things going on throughout the district, and you can’t be in two places at once. Or three, in the case of last night. Jim realizes that the people of Columbia County know him well. He hasn’t bailed on the events; he’s had someone else stand in so he could be making contact with voters elsewhere who don’t know him as well.

  13. CHelf says:

    Whitehead’s not wasting time in his hometown. He’s just wasting his time quoting from incorrect Michelle Malkin articles.

  14. profg says:

    Holly, I’m not upset that you didn’t go into great detail. I simply pointed out that you mentioned one small thing, pulled out of context of the greater thing. So I made sure to complete it.

    You need to know that you’re wrong that I’m the one who made my residency an issue. Jim Whitehead did. To quote a small part of the letter from him, that I held up and read from at the forum you attended, “the portion of Braselton he lives in is in Gwinnett County, outside our district”. Then HE goes on to say, “How does someone think they can effectively represent the people of our district if they haven’t been rubbing elbows with us to know how we think?” To me, that implies that because of location, I’m out of touch with the other parts of the district, because I only *used* to live inside the district boundary, and now I live 1/10 of a mile outside of it.

    Holly, reading this letter from him, it’s easy to see that it’s YOUR guy that’s engaging in the petty “politics as usual” that people are so fed up with in this district, and in this country. For him to say things like that — as if he’s EVER “rubbed elbows” with our people in the country stores and barber shops of Toccoa, or Hiawassee, or Clayton, or Clarkesville, before this race — is simply reminding people that he’s just one more politician, willing to say whatever it takes to get elected.

    People are tired of it, Holly. You might not be, and you may be willing to compromise your politics just to see an Evans man elected, but there are a whole lot of other folks who aren’t willing to put up with it any more. They’re looking for a new generation of leadership, that’s willing to put principle over party and take a passionate stand on the important issues facing this country.

    I understand that there are “lots of things going on throughout the district,” and as you said, Jim has a lot of work to do to “make contact with voters elsewhere who don’t know him as well” (I guess he’s out finally rubbing elbows with them to know how they think) — but people in Grovetown were told that Jim wasn’t IN the district — or the state — at all. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but every single other candidate was there. I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying.

    By the way, Holly, to address the other “issue” you harped on: every map of the district I’ve seen shows Evans as being in the extreme (defined as “farthest from the center or middle; outermost; endmost”) southeast of the district, and Braselton being in the western “heart” (defined as “the central part of a place or region”) of the district. I didn’t go into dictionary definitions to explain exactly what I meant, and apparently that’s upset you. I apologize for “ruffling feathers,” but it doesn’t make what I said less true.

    Holly, as I stated at the Grovetown forum, and as I’ve stated at every forum and to every voter in this district that I talk to: it’s time for a change, away from the same old politicians and politics as usual, to bring common sense and true conservative values back to Washington, D.C., for many years to come. That’s why I’m running, and that’s what I’m running on.

    See you on Wednesday.

    Bill Greene

  15. Holly says:


    Jim was in the state, so whoever you got your information from was incorrect. I’m sure you’ll see him today in Hart County, though.

    I would like you to spell out what it is exactly that you think I’m compromising, because that’s a mighty bold statement that needs clarification.

    Since you brought up that Jim is “finally rubbing elbows”, I’ll remind you that it’s hard to be both a legislator in session and a candidate, but Jim did just that, and he did it effectively. All those county endorsements were no accident. The volunteer base is huge and also working where Jim cannot be present, and as someone who has worked on campaigns in the past, I can tell you it’s the volunteers who make or break a campaign.

    If Braselton isn’t fully in the district, then Evans is less extreme than it is, and I know people realize that. The heart of something would be in the middle. Yes, Braselton is further north than Evans, but it’s by no means in the middle of the district. It’s on the “extreme” left side to use your terminology.

    I guess I could understand your statement that people wanted a change if Jim had been in DC for years and years. He’s been in state governmnet for three, and he’s done a great job since replacing Joey Brush. That was certainly a change. Jim didn’t disappoint or neglect us. He returned phone calls, he worked on problems, and he listened to constituents. He’ll continue doing those things in Washington come June 20th.

    Charlie Norwood did those things, too. So by making the claim for a change, remember that it’s Charlie Norwood that you’re running to replace, Bill, not Jim Whitehead. People were happy with his leadership, and he was well loved.

    My feathers aren’t the ones ruffled, but I can tell I’ve stirred you up. I’m not trying to make you mad, for the record, but you were right earlier when you said I was an avid Jim spokesman. I’m going to do what I can, when I can, to get that across, especially when it’s suggested I’m compromising some principles. I’m going to wait patiently for your explanation of that.

    Have a good one!

    Holly Croft

  16. Holly says:

    Oh, one thing I missed. No, not every other candidate was there. Evita Paschal was not. Denise Freeman had to leave innediately after speaking as well.

    Just making sure we’re staying accurate here. I wouldn’t want my being an avid Whitehead spokesperson to be used to try to undercut my credibility. 🙂

  17. drjay says:

    i’m sure if you look at the district w/ population taken in to acct. evans is hardly an extreme outpost in the wilderness…but whatever

  18. JayHanley says:

    We must remember that this seat would not be have been vacant today if it had not been for Charlie Norwood’s death.

    As a resident of the “heart” of the district (Oconee County), I can say that we were always well-represented by Congressman Norwood. In fact, myself and many friends continued to call on Charlie’s office after we were redistricted. We always considered Charlie “our Congressman.”

    I looked at all the announced Republican candidates and talked to many of them before making my decision in early April on who to support. After meeting and interviewing Jim Whitehead, I decided that he was the one that I was going to back. I knew that my decision would probably not be the most popular one since I was in Oconee County, the center of Paul Broun’s base. But, in my mind, I had to do what was I felt was right, not just the popular thing to do.

    Jim reminded me a lot of Charlie with his Southern charm, but also a blunt and fiesty side like Charlie had. After talking with Jim for 30 minutes, I felt like I had known him all my life.

    With these traits and his stands on the issues, I feel Jim Whitehead is the best candidate to pick up where Charlie left off.

  19. bowersville says:

    This morning the Hart County Republican Party hosted a forum for the Republican candidates for the 10th Congressional seat. In attendance were Broun, Myers, Pulliam, Underwood & Whitehead. Greene was absent.

    The lady that spoke as Greene’s representative did well and it appeared she was well prepped by the Greene campaign because the 1st issue she brought up was the non residency issue of Greene. Greene was reported to be in DC. It was Paul Broun that boldly stated that none except he and Whitehead resided in the district and that the runoff was between Broun and Whitehead.

    There was two occasions when there was grunting, moaning, and verbalization of disagreement from the audience. Once when Myers appeared to defend Rudy if he was the Republican nominee for POTUS, the other when the lady representing Greene attempted to tie in the veto/override from the Ga Legislature to the 10th Congressional. It almost came to boos both times.

    I guess the point I’m making is that if not attending all forums and being out of state is an issue by Greene in Grovetown, Greene was not at the Hart County forum and was out of state.

    We had great attendance and ample reporting. Reports will go in two local print editions, local radio and local channel cable TV.

    All the candidates were impressive, but Whitehead reminded me why he has my vote, statesmanship demeanor, legislative experience with a track history of success with the issues, not just rhetoric.

    Full disclosure, I’m not a representative of any candidate.

  20. Holly says:

    I sent this link to Erick earlier, but I don’t know if he’s checked his email.

    Here is the full audio of the Hart County GOP Debate from this morning.

    The lady you’re referring to, Bowersville, is Kellie Austin.

  21. jimbospond says:

    The Friends of Mark Myers would like to thank all of the folks who supported and prayed for us during the campaign. Mark is somewhat relieved that he won’t have to move to Washington and gratified that his message was well received. Both candidates in the run-off have promised to take the ideas from his New Contract with America to Washington.
    In addition Newt will be polling on many of his points as part of his American Solutions program.

    Thanks and God Bless,
    Friends of Mark Myers

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