The Stupidity of the City Council

The stinking hotel deal is not yet dead. The City Council in Macon, which is set to see lots of its members challenged if for no other reason that the stupidity of their stupid decision to fund the stupid hotel, is planning on rushing through to approve the plan before the voters have a chance to boot them out over the mess.

City Council members said they expect the paperwork to come before them soon, perhaps by the end of next week. Noble officials on Wednesday presented to the council an overview of their plans to construct a full service hotel in the convention center parking lot, propping up illustrations of what they expect the building might look like.

Most of the council attended the work session and appeared receptive to the presentation from Noble executives, city consultants and administration officials who have been working on the details of an agreement. Council members Nancy White and Miriam Paris, who have supported an alternative hotel plan across the street, were the only ones who asked especially pointed questions.

Well, good for Nancy and Miriam. This hotel deal should die.


  1. jsm says:

    At least you have a developer wanting to build a hotel down there. We’re trying to get developers interested in building a 5-star hotel in Gainesville to connect with an enlarged arena/civic center. Y’all know anybody? 😉

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