Kudos to Norcross and Avondale Estates.

Both now have bulletin boards on their website:

In an unusual effort to build a government that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people, City Manager Warren Hutmacher is giving the people their say.

A bulletin board on Norcross’ improved Web site exposes the mayor, the City Council, the police chief and even the street sweeper to a public flogging or pat on the back, delivered by a few keyboard strokes.

“You can’t be in this business and not have tough skin,” said Hutmacher, who insisted that the blog be part of the new Web design. “It is one of the only venues for true 360-degree communication.”

Aileen Dodd has it wrong – these are not blogs. Nevertheless I see these bulletin boards as a good thing. I think more government agencies should do things like this.

Norcross’ bulletin board
Avondale Estates’ bulletin board.