Free at last!

Thank you to those of you around the state that stepped up and lobbied on my behalf to be set free.  Thank you!  Thank you to Erick for letting the Moose free.  Many props to Sheppard for the great graphics!  What will we rally around next?  Erick Erickson for Macon City Council?

I want to take this opportunity to plug my Relay For Life efforts to help fight cancer.  As some of you know, I’m a cancer survivor and dedicated to doing everything I can to fight cancer.  See the link below if you’d like to help!


  1. drjay says:

    now maybe you should follow erick’s and andre’s lead and maybe announce a run for something???

  2. Icarus says:

    Bull Moose is free, but saintly Genarlow Wilson remains in jail…

    Welcome back Bull.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Thank you to the Bull Moose Campaign Manager, Demonbeck!

    I’m not ready to announce just yet, but I’ll let Dr. Jay pontificate what it is that I’m considering…

  4. drjay says:

    i will mention briefly on clint’s behalf–that in what appears to be something of a virus going around peach pundit–our own bull moose has been approached by a few folks about running for the sav’h city council seat being vacated by alderman sadler-in fact he is mentioned in the a blog by a writer for the sav’h paper in his blog on the paper’s website–and his mom sat next to my wife at a recent sav’h gop women’s luncheon and requested that we encourage him to run–so i will listen to clint’s mom…

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