So, I suppose I shouldn’t blog about Macon politics anymore? Pfffft. This could be fun.

The Rev. Victor Hunt, an announced candidate for Macon City Council, is more than $11,000 behind on child support payments, he acknowledged today.

Hunt, an assistant pastor at New Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, is challenging Councilwoman Elaine Lucas for her Post 3 seat in Ward I. He said financial hardships over the years led to the debt accumulation. But he has always made the minimum payments, he said, and as work picks up for his paint contracting business, he hopes to more easily resolve the matter.

Hunt said his personal debt does not affect his ability to serve the community and improve life for Macon residents.


  1. Ray4VP says:

    I wonder if a succesful election will result in a pickup in his painting business?

    So people will vote for a divorced minister (assumed he was married) with kids who can’t keep up his child support and put him in a postition to manage money? I guess nothing is new in politics.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Hmmm… I wonder what makes people think not paying child support is a great way to kick-off a campaign for public office? Service begins at home, eh? Is this the competition for your district, Erick, or “Ward” as you country folk say there in Macon?

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