Let’s Not Forget Jace’s

I wondered if my RedState blogging would come up. It already has.


Actually though, I said the “left” and not “Democrats,” because there are some Democrats like Jim Marshall who has really done an outstanding job on this issue. (Though re-reading the post, the word ‘Democrat’ did appear. Should have proofed better)

I do like the frilly thingies and blue stars on that sign. Very 1800’s Americana. Unfortunately, when you get past 2 colors plus white the costs go up too much.


  1. Jace Walden says:

    Me being the two-bit part-time blogger that I am, can you tell me how in the heck you were able to get that picture linked onto this site. I’ve tried posting on two other sites just using the URL to the picture, but it ain’t working. Thanks for the free publicity.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    That’s not even bait-worthy, Erick. That’s just sick. I hope you’re just funnin’ around with new software or something.

  3. Jace Walden says:


    It wasn’t meant to be an actual campaign sign. In fact, I’d be VERY surprised if Erick uses this. I’ll go even further than that…if he does use it, I won’t ask for royalties.

    Plus, I really don’t think blue is Erick’s color.

  4. shep1975 says:

    Let’s do a great blogging experiment…we can run Erick’s campaign completely through this blog. Erick will also not have to pay a real consultant. We all have enough political experience that he’d surely win! Why am I laughing so hard right now?

  5. Icarus says:


    The idea that consultants should ever give away their time and efforts for free MUST DIE!

  6. Erick says:

    Jace, I’m not sure what’s up.

    First, I’m not a fan of hotlinking, so I moved a copy on to this server. I’d say hotlink it, but since Clayton pays for the bandwidth, that’s probably not a good idea.

    Second, you did use the “img src” tag, right? Excuse me if that’s a dumb question.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    Think of the free publicity you could get if you were to publicly announce that you were using this blog instead of a campaign consultant.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    Then think of all the free time you would have after the election because of taking our advice.

  9. Mad Dog says:

    Cross posted from Control Congress

    Erick over at Peach Pundit is asking for our opinions on some signs he made for a possible Macon City Council run. Well, Erick, the signs are pretty good…but don’t you have some explaining to do? I am referring to this little gem that you posted on Redstate a while back:

    “The left celebrates every death of every American soldier in Iraq. Let me just repeat it so that it sinks in. The left celebrates every death of every American soldier in Iraq. They are a means to an end.“

    Wow, so Democrats hate our troops and celebrate every time one is killed, huh? I thought you were a pretty reasonable man, Erick, but writing factually inaccurate crap like that just makes you look like a crazy right-wing lunatic. And the entire post reeks of hypocrisy. If you’re mad about the left “using the murder of American troops for political purposes”, then why aren’t you outraged about the military cover up around the circumstances surrounding Pat Tillman’s death, or the over dramatization of the events surrounding the Jessica Lynch rescue? Both of these instances were obviously distorted for political purposes…but, I guess since they suit your personal political agenda, we can ignore them. Sound about right?

    The truth is, for every failure by Democrats and Republicans to work together on Iraq, another soldier dies. No one is celebrating these deaths, but right-wing bloggers like Erick, and left-wing bloggers like Arianna Huffington are enabling these deaths with every divisive post.

    But hey, who am I to criticize the great Erick Erickson. I’m just a two-bit part-time blogger who doesn’t have any viewers. Can I still participate in the sign game though? I think I made a good one:

    You can view it here.

    Hopefully, Erick, your common sense message will resonate with the voters of Macon. The voters of Macon are stupid, right?

  10. Mad Dog says:

    Marked Excess,

    Nice to see someone here has a brain and uses it.

    The PeachPud is occupied by GOP wanna-bees, extra e used for emphasis, Eerick.

    I’m sure you knew, Errorick, who created the post as the GOP shadows all the blogs to keep tabs on renegades like Konop.

    Buxx, buddy, aka buzz, Just dumbing down my content to reach my target audience.

  11. mercergirl says:

    Mad Dog-

    I am wondering… do you live in Macon? And if you do, are you in Ward V?

  12. Erick says:


    Thanks for the support from the other thread. I think I should just campaign by saying I’ll vote against every budget and every year submit legislation to cut the size of council and make it nonpartisan.

  13. Mad Dog says:


    I’m just a legend in my own mind, not Macon. Unless you’re about to vote me onto the council.


    Heck of a camp-pain idea. Promise to do nothing. Promise to accomplish nothing. Sounds very familar. Almost … common in the crude meaning of the word.

    Good luck. You could just stay home and mail it in. Your brilliant plan and all that. No need to campaign. Qualify. Raise money. Buy yard signs. And, throw an election eve party.

    Mad Dog

    P.S. Celebrating your political death in advance.

  14. Mad Dog says:

    Butz, buddy,

    There’s nothing professional nor helpful in your blogsphere aka the Peach Pud.

    Errorick is a trash mouth and made it personal with me with his bilgewater attack on his fellow Americans.

    You have no honest desire to do well by anyone who does not share your view of the world.

    And, your view of the world is from inside a certain body cavity that smells like shyte.

    Take your well wishes for personal health and shove them up your azz.

    Mad Dog

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