Cagle, Richardson Win; Perdue Loses

Based on what I know:

Citing the futility of working with Republican House leaders in a special session, Gov. Sonny Perdue on Tuesday withdrew his veto of a $700 million mid-year budget bill, but said he would give a line-item veto to the $142 million property tax rebate it contained. That money, he said, would go into reserves instead. (No special session, but a line-item veto for the property tax rebate | Political Insider)

Cagle wins because he got what he originally wanted: Money in the reserve fund
Richardson wins because he gets to claim he was for Tax refunds
Perdue Loses because he is still the first GOP Governor to veto a tax cut/refund

Update: Well, Casey was a winner till he said: “The Governor exercised strong character and courageous leadership today, and I am proud to be on his team.” Now I wonder who slipped the mescaline into his morning coffee.


  1. Icarus says:

    I’m really not sure anyone “wins” here. I think Cagle and Richardson lose the least. Perdue loses a lot more. All three should be getting together and working on a damage control plan, as well as figuring out how they will work together before the next session begins.

  2. Jace Walden says:


    I remember mentioning something about Perdue being fiscally worse than Roy Barnes over at Jason’s site a while back:

    And…what was your reaction to that? Oh yeah:

    You DEFENDED tax and spend Governor Perdue and went on to refer to me as a memberof the “liberal media”.

    I’m just messing with you, Chris. But that’

  3. Icarus says:

    I’ll amend my above comments a bit, now that AJC has added a few lines from the Governor:

    Perdue blamed the unwillingness of Republican House leaders to drop their desire to override his veto, and engage in discussions of a compromise, if the General Assembly were to gather again. “I began to see the futility of a special session,” the governor said. “Leaders, in my opinion, don’t act in such a way.”

    I thought Richardson may have diffused the situation a bit with his “apology”, but the Governor doesn’t back off hurt feelings easily, and looks like he’s still going to go after the House.

    Cagle might be slightly ahead, but it gives Richardson a stage to himself to stake out moral high ground.

  4. LongTimeListener says:

    There is some truth to the statement that there are no winners here… the Governor’s childish actions made sure of that. However, it is clear to me that he is the political loser of this exchange. The people of Georgia are the real losers. We lost our tax cut, and have to tolerate an arogant buffoon as Governor for another 3 1/2 years. Speaker Richardson and the House stood up for the people of Georgia and demanded a tax cut. The Governor has shown that he is for higher taxes and more government spending, and that is unforgivable.

  5. Jace Walden says:


    Um…he showed that he was for higher taxes and more government spending a LONG time ago…like, during his first 2 years in office. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

  6. Icarus says:


    A lot of us were willing to give him a pass on his first tax cut for a variety of reasons. Most of it boiled down to he had 6 weeks to submit his first budget, had about a $1 BN shortfall he had to make up, and the career Democrats, both elected and state employees, wouldn’t cooperate to show him anything that could be cut.

    He’s into his second term, the honeymoon is long sense over. There are no more excuses. I’d strongly suggest the governor get some “real” Republican advisors, or at least start listening to those he has. It’s going to take him a while to dig out of this one.

  7. LongTimeListener says:


    You are exactly right. And you’ll notice I didn’t say I was surprised. I continue to be disappointed, but not surprised. At least the Speaker and the House stood up for tax cuts.

  8. LongTimeListener says:

    Lt. Gov. may have just put himself in the loser category….

    Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle issued this statement just after Perdue announced the decision at a noon news conference:

    “Leadership is about stepping forward with solutions in situations where compromise seems beyond reach. The Governor exercised strong character and courageous leadership today, and I am proud to be on his team. By decisively concluding a hopelessly stalemated debate, Governor Perdue has ensured that the urgent needs of students, kids on PeachCare, and communities devastated by natural disaster will not take second place to political posturing. ”

    So Cagle’s definition of “courageous leadership” is vetoing tax cuts?!?!?!? Wow… so, is the whole Senate now puppets of the Governor, or just the Lt. Gov.?

  9. Redcatcher says:

    I am a big fan of the Speaker and I don’t think this is the end of the fight between the house and the Gov’s office. I hope the Speaker stays the course, but I also hope he remembers next year that the 07 supplimental was full of pork when it went to the Senate. I do agree that the supplimental should be for necessary items and not to spend any extra monies that may be available. Maybe this will be a real learning experience for both the House and the Senate.

  10. LongTimeListener says:

    Remember what the Speaker has said all along. When there is extra money in the budget, it should go back to the people in the form of money for local projects, or tax cuts. Much of the spending in the budget that is derided as pork is for worthwhile projects — technology for schools, for instance. Speaker Richardson and the House leadership fought for a tax cut, but were stopped by a Governor who wanted money for fishing ramps, and a Lt. Governor more worried about his next campaign. It’s a shame Sonny and Casey lost their way on this issue.

  11. LongTimeListener says:


    Hopefully, this will be an “accountability moment” for the GOP. I urge delegates to walk out on the speeches by the Governor and Lt. Governor at the State Convention next week. If you see them at functions, ask them to explain why they didn’t support returning extra money to the people. Let’s not just throw up our hands and say they aren’t accountable… it is our job to hold them accountable.

  12. Redcatcher says:

    I am afraid that our Legislature has taken the same trail as the Republicans did in Congress. I will always believe that if Newt had not messed up many things in our country would be better. However, every Republican politician be they in Washington or in Atlanta must never let the fear of the media overrule their principals.

  13. Icarus says:


    “in the form of money for local projects” is the problem here. When the government decides they can spend money better than the people who earned it can, we have a problem. “Worthwhile” projects should be prioritized in the big budget. Left over or “surplus” money belongs to the people.

    Sending my money to improve the site of the Big Pig Jig because there was money left over isn’t conservative. I’ll give credit to the house leadership for getting to the right place on this one, but Speaker Richardson’s words in his hasty press release will come back to bite him.

  14. LongTimeListener says:


    I think we agree more than we disagree here. As long as government taxes and spends, they are prioritizing and making decisions about how and where to spend money. I would always prefer tax cuts, but sometimes (like, for instance, this session) if you have a Governor who seems to hate tax cuts, I’d rather that money come back to local projects than support new or more state level government programs. Perhaps that is a more artful way to make my point.

  15. jsm says:

    As a fiscal conservative, I still don’t understand why “conservatives” are upset about not getting a tax rebate. The cost of sending the rebate to the people would have made the average check insignificant–about enough for dinner at Longhorn.

    Instead, what bothers me is that a $142 million tax cut (or more) was not reflected in the ’08 budget.

  16. Icarus says:


    Agree that we’re mostly in agreement.

    Personally, I’d rather have the money in State Reserves, because the money given to local projects is usually distributed based on Senators/Reps leadership positions, not local need. Given that our reserves are below average, and most likely heading back into slow growth or recession in the next 18 months, I think the need for reserves is real, but I digress.

    I think a lot of posters here are siding with either Cagle or Richardson. Given they’re likely adversaries in 2010, that’s natural. But the majority of the blame here has to be placed at Sonny’s feet. Knowing that he was beginning his lame duck term, he sat back and did NOTHING.

    For 38 days of a 40 day session, the Governor wouldn’t give his opinion on anything. (Unless you count his call in to an Atlanta top40 station about Sunday Sales, which he later confused everyone by saying it was a joke. ???)

    The Governor spent the last two days throwing a temper tantrum any 3 year old would be proud of. By going AWOL, then refusing to deal with the power vacuum he created, this is the Governor’s mess. Richardson and Cagle would both be better served, and better serve the people of Georgia, if they would figure out how they can work together for the next three years.

  17. Tommy_a2b says:

    Josh, perception is reality. If Perdue is against Tax cuts then he is really Liberal.

    TABOR (Tax Payers Bill of Rights) madates sending all surpluss back to the citizenry (sp?) every legislative session. Add up enough little checks and it makes a difference.

    In all reality I am with you. No need to send it back to me if used properly. I guess all the people in South GA (forest fire area) need it more than I do right now. Yes I know the money is going to surplus.

  18. bowersville says:

    If Porky Perdue is a liberal, what is the Senate?

    Aren’t they the chosen ones to vouch for PORK for their district so that Perdue will not line item veto it from the fiscal 08 budget?

    It was reported here and else where that Perdue was going to line item veto the 08 budget and remove project money unless the Senate vouched for them specifically.

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