Barnes Weighs In On The DNR Board

Guess I’m not the only one in Georgia making a “big deal” of the Sally Bethea/DNR Board scandal. Seems Roy Barnes thinks it’s miserably out of balance, too.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Interesting that Roy Barnes is stepping so heavily into the public discussion on issues of current debate.

    Are we seeing a trial balloon on a possible Barnes comeback for 2008?

  2. Cotton Boll says:

    SpaceyG wanted me to “show her mine” in a comment in an earlier post on this issue….so, here’s “mine” I straight from a Savannah paper:

    Where the Senate argument gains strength in Ms. Bethea’s case,
    however, is that the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeepers have sued the
    Department of Natural Resources over issues such as setback variances the group felt were improperly granted to developers impacting state waterways.

    The UCR has also found itself opposing the state by fighting a 116
    million-gallon per day water withdrawal permit for a Georgia Power Company
    coal-fired plant in Heard County (the state
    sided with the power company), and a lower court approval of Atlanta drinking water
    withdrawals from Lake Lanier – a move
    challenged by Alabama and Florida on the
    basis of depleted Chattahoochee River
    water levels.

    Such legal actions have placed Ms. Bethea in the
    untenable position of being on both sides of a lawsuit. While she as a
    citizen has the right to turn to the courts for redress, serving on the DNR
    board is a privilege that rightly was withdrawn in light of the court cases.

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