An email from Ramadi

Many of you know Mark Rountree, the public relations and political consultant from Duluth. He sent me this email from his brother Major Michael Rountree, M.D. who is currently stationed in Ramadi, Iraq. Oh by the way, Major Rountree voted for Al Gore in 2000.

“Back from seeing patients- thought you might be interested in my war thoughts-

This war IS winnable irrelevant of what the ridiculous media say. I have not met one person here who thought otherwise, though I’ve met a lot disgruntled people because it is all on us in the Army. This war is more like fighting crime in New York- you don’t wake up one day and say “hey- its over!’. You gradually reduce the numbers to a livable level. We are fighting criminals here, not soldiers.

When I volunteered I came to treat Americans in what I thought would be similar to the last days of Vietnam. But since living here 4 months, I have completely changed my mind. I dont believe we should pull out, and I don’t think we need to. We can win, and will, given time and enough men to act as police do in the cities.

Anyway- thought youd be interested in a surprising opinion from the front lines, one I never expected to have. Tell anyone who claims differently that they are just plain wrong.



  1. Nate says:

    Why are we not sending guys like this on speaking tours around the country to unite the country around the troop’s mission? Heck screw congress, what if we forgo the war funding bill and raise all the money privately like war bonds during WWII?

  2. John Douglas says:

    First a hearty thank you to Major Rountree.

    Next, with the uncovering of this plot in New Jersey today, we see once again the stupidity of the Democratic surrender policy. How can anyone be so near sighted as to believe these murderers and thugs will not follow us home if we abandon the middle east? Fight the war over there, remain vigilent here, win at all costs. We have no other choice. Our national survival depends on it.

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