Web 2.0 gap?

Are Democrat’s doing a better job of using Web 2.0 technologies? A debate on this subject has been taking place for some time now. I think it’s true – Democrats are doing a better online than Republicans. Websites like Red State and Townhall.com are at the forefront of the GOP’s efforts but they can’t do it alone. GOP grassroots activists and candidates need to embrace these new technologies or continue to fall behind….and lose elections.

David All, former aide to Georgia’s Jack Kingston, has started a new website techRepublican.com:

Today and from now on, collectively, the contributors of techRepublican will focus, like a laser, to report best practices on the application of technology to the political spectrum, identifying Republicans and conservatives throughout the world who are using the Internet to bridge that great partisan digital divide and reach modern voters. We’ll provide tips, tricks, and tools for campaigns to use — for FREE.

It’s a worthwhile effort which I hope to see take root among Republicans here in Georgia as well.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Hope he doesn’t get the bright idea to post Kingston’s Colbert Report appearences on that super-duper new site. Yikes.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I don’t think this “web 2.0 gap” has much to do with who will be successful in elections any time soon.

    People who are into politics enough to look at streaming video and participate in live blogs and such have certainly already made up their mind about who they are voting for.

    Certainly, it’s not a bad idea to use current technology to your advantage, but slow loading pages full of You Tube videos “cooly” decorated My Space pages do not replace good old valuable information in an easy to use format.

    Instead of focusing on “next generation” web technologies, how about first mastering “generation previous” technologies. That means writing good copy, keeping info up to date, and clearly stating what you stand for in a concise way.

    The fundamentals will go a lot further than posting pictures of Jonathon Edwards primping on camera.

  3. kevpriest says:

    My tip for using “next generation” web technology: Using the cliche “focus, like a laser” makes me imagine you saying it with a Dr. Evil voice.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    No Doug, you’re right. But just knowing there are videos out there about John Edwards’ hair puts a smile on my face and makes me feel… pretty!

  5. Paul Shuford says:

    I think it’s more than just “Republicans vs. Democrats” on the internet, now. ABC News was trying to bury the fact that Ron Paul was even running, not including him (but including all the other Republican’s running for Pres) in a recent poll, until Digg and other “web 2.0” presences got on their case and they changed their position. MSNBC had something similar happen after they misrepresented the results of their poll after the Republican debate. Similar things are happening with Mike Gravel’s campaign on the Democrat side. “Web 2.0” is causing a lot of information to get out there, and a lot of voices to be heard within the two parties that have more of a chance than they ever have before – it’s not just a tool for one side to use against the other.

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