That Vegan Case

I just don’t buy the veganism defense. I think the DA nailed it. Hear me out on this one.

We know that poor people have worse diets than rich people. We also know that Lamont Thomas and Jade Sanders were not rich people — at least I deduce this because if they were rich the trial would have been more sensationalized by Nancy Grace. Veganism is, overwhelmingly, a trend among the idle rich and those who are really into some serious environmentalism. Now, I don’t know anything at all about Mr. Thomas or Ms. Sanders. They very well could have been idly rich or seriously in to environmentalism, but I really doubt it given that there was no significant media coverage of the case and I expect that there would have been had either been a seriously committed greenie or rich.

I would suggest that giving birth in a bathtub without a doctor, etc., etc., etc. is not an indicator of wealth and I just have a suspicion that they aren’t serious greenies. So, I’m suspecting that their clever defense of veganism was just that, a none too clever by half defense that the jury did not buy. And in the process, the cult of veganism continues to get a bad rap.

This reminds me of that scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant’s character goes out with that woman who is so far extremely a vegan that she won’t even eat fruit unless it has fallen of its own volition from the branch — lest she be accused of murdering the plant.


  1. Trevor Southerland says:

    No matter what their defense is and no matter if it is legitimate or not…

    Lets just look at one paragraph from the AJC and Beth Warren’s article “Murder verdict for vegan parents” where it states:

    “The infant was born in the bathtub of a Buckhead apartment but never taken to a doctor while alive. He was dead when his parents took him to Piedmont Hospital, across the street from their apartment, April 25, 2004. At six weeks old he weighed just 3 1/2 pounds and was so emaciated, doctors could count his bones through his skin.”

    Lets break this down really quickly…

    1) Baby born in bathtub… Okay, I’m poor too, I can understand not being able to afford the bills. If you can deliver a child on your own then more power to you.

    2) Never taken to a doctor while alive… what the… what… how do you NEVER take what you called your pride to any doctor in 6 weeks of life… even a not so great doctor that wouldn’t charge much… that’s just a representation of not only two pathetic parents but two pathetic human beings.

    3) You live across the street from freakin’ Piedmont giant massive Hospital… you can see the bones through the skin of your six week old baby and you do absolutely nothing about it…


    Sit in jail. Stay in jail. Murder is murder.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I refuse to sign up when forced to news sites, so I cannot read the original article, but were they actually charged with murder?

    Doesn’t murder require knowledge that the consequences of their actions will result in the death of a person? It would seem it was more akin to some lessor crime than murder.

  3. I think they are actually just dumb vegans. Why not breast feed? Surely that is “natural” is it not? Even so, I have a cousin who is lactose intolerant and could not breast feed and they make for this exact ailment … soy milk infant formula. So if you want to be all hardcore and raise your child a vegan you can do that, just make sure they are getting baby formula (whether it is breast milk, plain old off the shelf or the soy variety) and other nutrients.

    Seems you can raise your child vegan and they’ll be just fine:

    No, I would never want to call myself a vegan or attempt that lifestyle, but I think rank stupidity is more to blame than veganism in this case, though vegans should make an extra effort to educate their ilk on the proper way to raise a baby in that matter.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    They should have blamed the lack of Peachcare funding – it would have been a better defense.

  5. Doug Deal says:


    You are right. Also, if only there was a law that told parents what they had to feed their children, then tragedy could be averted. Because when starving your children is made a crime, only criminals will be starving children!

  6. darkandspiky says:

    i take it the mother had BREASTS!

    ALL a baby needs to have a balanced diet is HUMAN breast milk!

    COW’s milk is not suitable for a HUMAN baby. it has the correct amount of nutrients and amino acids a baby COW needs.

    however by the amazing way nature works, humans make their own milk, suprisingly enough perfectly suitable for a HUMAN baby.

    these people are idiots!

    all the baby needed was available for free and without any cruelty (to animal or human).

    why do people need suppliments when we make the real (and ONLY suitable) food for baby’s ourselves?!

    some people should not be allowed to have children!

    it is perfectly healthy for children to be raised on a vegan diet. but it takes effort to ensure the children are getting everything they need.

    this applies to any child. every parent should be ensuring their children are getting a balanced diet regardless of whether they are eating meat, dairy products or whatever.

    assuming that because somebody eats meat or any other products they have a balanced diet is ridiculous. thought should be given to ensuring a balanced diet reagardless.

    i think that most vegans have a far more balanced diet than the majority of omnivores, because they have to read the ingredients! do most meat eaters even know what they are eating or where they get there nutrients from? assuming you have a balanced diet just because you eat meat is a naive assumption.

    all mothers need to do to make everyone a winner is to GET THEIR TITS OUT!

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