Whitehead Blowback

Things like this are starting to come out involving Whitehead and it’s not going to help him, given the short amount of time he’s got to establish his credibility.

There’s also something brewing from the Democrats about some really odd statement Whitehead made, but I can’t get the DPG website to load this morning.


  1. Holly says:

    Jim is explaining the law in the clip. Here’s the entire quote of what he says, in case you didn’t watch it:

    “You have a right to protect yourself, and if that includes firearms, so be it.”

    I think the point that’s missed here is that he wasn’t giving an opinion on the incident, but rather was asked to explain the Stand Your Ground Law.

  2. Misunderestimitated says:

    Maybe I don’t understand…but how would this hurt Whitehead. An elderly homeowner and WWII vet had been a victim of multiple break ins. A criminal broke into his home and he shot the intruder.

    Whitehead’s law protects the homeowner against criminal, and I believe, civil liability. In my mind this is a plus.

    Further, it puts him on TV explaining the law and being on the side of law and order. The GOP contenders are attempting to run to the right of Jim. Stuff like this makes that impossible. Its only a plus for Whitehead and the people of the 10th.

  3. RuralDem says:


    I believe the second part you are referring to involves Whitehead’s comment on immigration.

    ““Iraq has not been a big thing in our district,” said Whitehead, a former University of Georgia offensive lineman. “Immigration is the number one issue, pure and simple.” Whitehead contends that “left-wing political activists [are] intentionally registering illegal aliens to vote, including known Al Qaeda terrorists…. This is a pivotal issue for the future of America. We have to have the intestinal fortitude to protect all Americans.””


  4. Observer says:

    The interesting thing about the attacks on Whitehead is that it seems Broun, Greene, and the Dem of the day haven’t figured out that the race isn’t against Whitehead. The race these candidates must run is against each other to see who will be in the runoff with Whitehead. With his senate district as a base, Whitehead will surely be in the runoff. OK guys, whose number 2?

  5. Misunderestimitated says:

    Demographically Marlow is the likely Number 2. If Whitehead doesn’t make it over 50% in the first round, he will go on to be crushed 3 weeks later.

  6. Holly says:

    Demographically Marlow is the likely Number 2. If Whitehead doesn’t make it over 50% in the first round, he will go on to be crushed 3 weeks later.

    The 10th is heavily Republican-leaning district. By your estimation, the run-off will be between Whitehead and Marlow. Are you suggesting that those who were behind Greene and Broun would vote for the Democrat in the run-off? That’s the only scenario that would work with your prediction, yet it’s not very likely.

  7. Misunderestimitated says:

    Sorry, I meant Marlow would be crushed in the runoff. Poor, overly quick writing on my part. Sort of an “I know what I mean and you should to”, feeling to it.

    I think Whitehead would clear over 60% in a runoff, as the Augusta area has shown a history of turning out big time for their hometown boys in runoffs.

  8. bowersville says:

    Please take time to read the blogger column referenced above and travel to wrdw.com and read the news article and the Georgia Code referenced in the WRDW-12 article.

    The blogger refers to the incident occurring at 3:00 pm, inferring broad daylight. The WRDW article reports the incident occurred “this morning at around 3:00” and then describes it as “the late night intruder,” which indicates the incident occurred in total darkness.

    The blogger refers to the 84 year old victim as the aggressive “human hunter” that should have been able to identify the intruder and determine intent at 3:00 am in total darkness and then verbally warn the intruder before shooting, despite any fear the victim had of his personal safety. If you follow this thought to it’s logical conclusion, the homeowner/victim is responsible for the incident, not the home invader.

    Under this theory, homeowners should verbally warn and determine the intent of all home invaders.

    Without the protection of the law referenced, homeowners could face criminal prosecution and civil liability for not retreating out the back door when the home invader kicked down the front door and entered the home at 3:00 am.

    If the Democrats want to stand on that in the 10th, have at it.

  9. JayHanley says:

    From everything I am hearing and seeing on the ground, the runoff (if necessary) will be between Whitehead and Broun.

  10. Holly says:

    Jay and Bowersville, you’re more to the north of the district than I am. What are you two hearing about Marlow and Greene?

  11. JayHanley says:

    I haven’t heard anything about Marlow. Greene has a bit of support up here. He is bringing Alan Keyes to Watkinsville on May 22.

    I should say now for full disclosure that I signed on this week as Jim Whitehead’s campaign chairman for Oconee County.

  12. bowersville says:

    We are hearing nothing about Marlow in Hart county. Relatives and friends in Stephens, Habersham, Franklin and Rabun have never heard of Marlow.

    Likewise, none of them know of Broun, Jr.

    Greene has some support that I have encountered, mostly concerning the illegal immigration issue.

  13. SpaceyG says:

    Bowersville…thanks for the correction. It was indeed 3am. I have changed my blog entry to reflect the correct time. However, the intruder was breaking into the shooter’s garage, not their home, unarmed presumably, and intent on stealing things like Clorox and anti-freeze, according to the news report. Does that kinda of thievery warrant being gunned down without warning? That’s something that can, of course, be argued from many differing perspectives. I’m sure, if the intruder lives, there will then be an entirely new perspective we will hear about too. And there will be much arguing mostly amongst the lawyers. The shooter has a lot to answer to, regardless of being right or wrong, especially if the intruder dies.

  14. Andre Walker says:

    Well, using Sen. Whitehead’s logic, along with the logic of the co-sponsors of the “Stand Your Ground” law, if you’re at home and you felt threatened by an intruder, you had the right to drop them on the spot.

    It’s a fool’s logic, but it’s legal.

  15. Holly says:

    As to the incident in question in the post, there have been no charges filed against Ms. Walker or Mr. Sams. Ms. Walker underwent surgery at MCG and is in stable condition, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

  16. MidGaDawg says:

    Athens has lots of signs for Broun, for what (little) that may be worth. Unless he’s got lots of support elsewhere (at least Oconee?), a conservative Republican relying on Clarke County votes to win can’t be in the best situation.

  17. Observer says:

    It will be fun to watch Broun, Greene, and Marlow battle each other for the runoff. Which one will run out of money first?

  18. Federalist says:

    The only way Broun or Green will make the run-off is if Whitehead withdraws. The GOP vote is going to be split between three candidates…the Dems will have most of their votes pooled into Marlow, and he will most likely be in the runoff. If White head keeps putting his foot in his mouth, though,…who knows what will happen.

  19. SpaceyG says:

    This gets kinda murkey… A lot of conflicting statements from the Richmond County DA’s office there, since the DA says no crime was committed, yet his assistant says, “The right to use violent force generally doesn’t apply to property.”

    Sure could use some clarity from the Richmond County DA’s office, and maybe Lawyer Craig will provide that on Monday? (Get on-message with his people too!)

    More detail from the (firewalled) Augusta Chronicle here:

    “But when is it OK to pull the trigger?

    Homeowners have the right to use “reasonable” force to defend themselves, said William Bowcutt, Richmond County chief assistant district attorney.

    “You can only use deadly force if you are faced with deadly force,” he said.

    The word “reasonable” is the key, Mr. Bowcutt said.

    It is reasonable for a homeowner to react with deadly force when faced with an unknown danger, such as an intruder, he said.

    “You don’t know if he’s coming in just because he’s cold. You don’t know if he’s coming in to butcher your children,” Mr. Bowcutt said.

    If the criminal is outside the home, it’s much less reasonable to use deadly force, but it would depend on the situation, he said. The right to use violent force generally doesn’t apply to property, Mr. Bowcutt said.

    In an e-mail, District Attorney Danny Craig said neither the shooter in the Wednesday incident nor the shooter in the April 26 incident was committing a crime.

    “When an act is justified by law, the element of criminal intent is negated and the act therefore does not meet the legal definition of a crime,” he said.

    Neither Mr. Sams nor Ms. Walker has been charged, Lt. Young said.

    Mr. Craig said he has yet to review the Friday case.”

    I imagine we’ll see some more about this particular case in the week ahead, especially since Craig hasn’t even reviewed it yet. I forget how locked into “traditional time” government is. You’d think they’d have, heck, at least blogged about it all by now! Lord knows we have.

  20. jackson says:

    Erick, I dont see AT ALL how this HURTS Jim Whitehead. I can’t see average, let alone the active conservatives that will make up the special election upselt about this. Are you being serious?

    Bowersville, I thought you made some great points. Even more, Spacey makes worse ones. After review the news reports I would like to point out a couple things based on Spacey’s comments:

    1. “the intruder was breaking into the shooter’s garage, not their home, ” Sorry, if sound like an idiot, but isnt that kind of the same thing? How many homes have detached garages these days? It didnt appear from the video that it was detached. Even so, what does it matter?

    2. “unarmed presumably,” Presumably is the KEY word Spacey. How would you know at 3 am that the person is unarmed? What process would one go through to safely ascertain that someone was unarmed while they are breaking into your home? I would like to see your reaction should someone break into your home at 3 am…maybe you would say something like, “Hey, if you are looking for Clorox, its over there. But if you are armed and dangerous, would you please let me know so I can prepare myself?”

    3. “intent on stealing things like Clorox and anti-freeze.:” This gets me for a number of reasons. First, the report said that he was missing those things lately. Who really knows what they were after next? they broke into his home SEVERAL times that week. Second, don’t you know what people stealing these chemicals are trying to use them for? Hint: its not for cleaning clothes or cooling their overheated car.

    4. Did you see the guy in the story, Spacey? He’s like 70 or 80 years old. What would be “reasonable” force for him to use to protect himself? I am sure he is in great shape to be able to fend off an attack from a potentially drug-crazed addict intent on getting what they want.

    5. Following the recent activity, what would happen next should the burglar not find what they were looking for in the garage? Since they had already raided his home multiple times, what would stop them from entering, say his living room or bedroom, and taking what they wanted from the poor old man?

    6. I’m a pretty big guy, but I can tell you this, I dont care who was breaking into my home at 3 am, it would scare the hell out of me… even if I KNEW they were coming…and I can defend myself. And I wouldnt wait to figure out if the burglar was really a nice person looking for some extra cleaning detergent.

    The moral of the story is: If you are bugralrizing and terrorizing a poor old man, you have what is coming to you. Thanks Jim Whitehead.

  21. drjay says:

    i do not see this hurting whitehead in the north ga mountains or amongst his supporters in his home county…there have been a handful of home intruders shot in augusta the past couple of weeks and at least from my ltd. exposure–not many tears are being shed over it…

  22. IndyInjun says:

    Jim Whitehead is a CONSERVATIVE.

    We conservatives applaud his position on this.

    If the CRIMINALS do not wish to risk being shot, they should stay home.

  23. Bill Simon says:


    Congrats on your promotion to being a front-page poster; it is good to have a real live socialist as one of the instigators on Pundit.

    To this comment from you, I have a serious rebuttal: “However, the intruder was breaking into the shooter’s garage, not their home, unarmed presumably, and intent on stealing things like Clorox and anti-freeze, according to the news report. Does that kinda of thievery warrant being gunned down without warning?”

    Warning? Why does someone need to warn a repeat offender?

    Plus, who cares what the “supposed intent” was? Who are we to judge the “intent” of a criminal-minded individual?

    Do you have any children, Spacey? Let’s take the scenario in this matter: Suppose you and your kid were in the garage and the intruder entered the garage and made a beeline towards the kid.

    Now, it COULD have been that the intruder was going towards the shelf that was just beyond where the kid was standing, and wanted to steal some Clorox and a gallon of antifreeze that were sitting on the shelf.

    However, you have heard that recently, kidnappers or child molestors were getting braver and snatching kids right out from under the noses of their parents with brash.

    If you have a gun, do you sit and watch the intruder continue on the path he is taking and wait to see what he does with the kid? Or, do you pull the gun out and challenge the intruder? And, if he doesn’t stop upon you challenging him, are you just going to let the intruder kidnap your kid…all the while musing that “Gosh, maybe he has some OTHER intention…after all, it’s not like he broke into my house or anything…”

    Tell me, Spacey, what would you do in THIS scenario?

  24. blazer says:

    “However, the intruder was breaking into the shooter’s garage, not their home, unarmed presumably, and intent on stealing things like Clorox and anti-freeze, according to the news report.”

    Garage or living room, you’re in my home either way…
    Unarmed.. presumably… as a LE trainee… all people are out to harm me until they prove otherwise and all people are armed until i prove otherwise…
    Stealing clorox and antifreeze and then coming in and raping my wife after they try to pop a cap in me…

    Come into my home (or garage) uninvited and you’ll be leaving in an ambulance if not a body bag….

  25. jsm says:

    “Come into my home (or garage) uninvited and you’ll be leaving in an ambulance if not a body bag….”

    I agree. This is the only way a property owner can protect his rights against thieves who don’t care how often they are caught and told to leave. Invading someone’s home, no matter which area of the home, is a serious breach of one’s privacy. Once a thief realizes his life is in danger for such an action, his motivation to break and enter is likely to diminish.

  26. CHelf says:

    Has Whitehead ever explained what he meant about liberal groups registering Al Qaeda terrorists? I have asked and I know a few others have asked in the Political Insider. Whitehead’s claiming liberal groups are registering terrorists to vote. I’d like to see some proof of this.

  27. Ram says:

    I am surprised the Erik Underwood factor is not being considered. If Underwood draws a nice number of Black voters, it makes you wonder how Marlow can make the runoff. Underwood and the other black candidates are good news to the GOP since everyone knows that the Democratic Party in Georgia is almost half Black statewide and likely a third Black in the 10th District. So if you are good Republican who wants to ensure an all GOP runoff, a well-funded Underwood campaign is actually taking Black votes away from Marlow. Do you really think Blacks will vote a White Democratic frontrunner while there are three Black candidates in the race?

    If the GOP were smart, they would use the Underwood candidacy as a test run for Black GOP congressional candidates in 2008? Those so-called “conservative Democrats” in the Georgia delegation should be concerned.

  28. jackson says:


    You make a good point. We should also require Republicans to prove Democrats give secret street money to black preachers to motivate their parishioners, and provide proof that dead people are voting, as well as prove that Democrats helped some people vote multiple times in elections. Oh wait, we already know the Democrats do that.

    C’mon. They may or may not have registred terrorists. But they should do figure out lots of ways to gets folks ILLEGALLY involved in voting. Why else would they be so adamant about a simple ID requirement for voters.

  29. CHelf says:

    I’m not asking about what Dems actually do. I’m asking for proof on a claim. If you’re going to set yourself above other candidates why not run on facts and substance rather than appeal to emotional stirrings. If you’re going to be a credible candidate and an honest politician (oxymoron?) why not actually base your arguments on truths? I understand Whitehead’s desire to hit back at Cynthia Tucker but using something with no fact to make a point is not cutting it.

  30. SpaceyG says:

    Let me repeat what the Richmond County DA’s office said… “The right to use violent force generally doesn’t apply to property.”

  31. jackson says:

    Spacey – Guess you are so busy placing on the front page you cant respond to the points that YOUR arguements lacked any logical — or factual — follow through. “Generally” doesnt mean “Always” and “property” doesnt mean “personal safety.”

    CHelf: I see your arguement. However, I would err on the side of Whitehead before erring on the side of a corrupt Democratic party that has already proven it uses illegal means to help people vote in elections…whether they do it explicitly or secretly. Based on the PAST actions of Democrats, is it truly unthinkable that registering ILLEGALS is really that far off?

  32. CHelf says:

    I would err on the side of fact. I have been asking this for weeks before the Dems even brought this up. I would err on the side of a candidate actually making sure his core issue has solid fact backing it up. I don’t want someone representing my party, values, etc. who has to use fear, lies, distortion to get elected. I can switch parties to get that. If Whitehead wants to make claims as a part of his leading issue, for his own credibility he better back it up.

  33. MindyMay says:

    jayhanley, you are wrong!!!!

    BILL GREENE is clearly the #2 in this race not broun!!!! he will face silly whitehead in the runoff and win!!!!

    broun is goin around tellin everyone that he is the christian coalitions choice but hes been married four times!!!! what kind of christian cant keep a wife????

    BILL GREENE was at my church last week and he is very nice and he LOVES HIS WIFE and will be the next congressman for our district!!!!

  34. jsmith says:


    Bill Greene is not even from the district, so he could not possibly know the concerns of people from the 10th.

    Dr. Broun may have had some misgivings in the past–he did have several marriages and a bankruptcy–but he is a man of faith and will represent the 10th well in Washington.

  35. MindyMay says:

    can you prove that????

    i hate it when people say things they cant prove, like whitehead. what a doofus!!!!

    this is why we need BILL GREENE!!!! he is a thoughtful leader!!!! he would never make statements that he couldnt prove.

    a bankruptcy???? what is up with this broun guy???? hes an embarrassment.

  36. jsmith says:

    Yes, I can prove it because I know for a fact Greene is registered to vote in the 7th district.

    He is not only registered in the wrong district, he even holds press conferences outside the 10th.

    Broun has much more experience than Greene and would not make verbal mistakes like Whitehead.

    I followed Broun’s career even when he ran against Mac Collins. In that race his past was a big issue, but nothing really stuck. Some folks even claimed that he sold pills illegal on a call in radio show, but the truth is he is a good man and would do a good job for the 10th.

  37. MindyMay says:

    he could have moved, you know, jsmith.

    also, hasnt there been something about broun and sexual harassment???? i remember hearing a rumor.

    there is nothing wrong with holding press conferences outside the district if its within the same city. only a fool would think the problems dont stop at a districts end!!!!

    it seems jim whitehead and paul broun are very undeserving of their supporters because neither is very careful in how they conduct themselves!!!!

    broun lost against mac collins just like he will lose against BILL GREENE!!!!

  38. jsmith says:


    If he doesnt live in the district I wont vote for him. Period.

    The thing about Broun and the sexual hararsement has come up before, and while I believe it did hurt his medical practice he bounced back and now has a successful house call practice.

    Some may see Broun’s past as a detractor, but I see it as beneficial. Broun is a resilient man. He has lost three times for Congress, and though he has made personal mistakes he is a man of faith and has run a great campaign so far.

    Broun knows how to campaign, and that is obvious by the signs and his grassroots network around Athens.

  39. MindyMay says:

    why does he practice at home, jsmith???? ive heard he had an expired license and thats why. is that true????

    three times is a charm, isnt it???? whats to say time four will be better, unless your talking about his wives….

    if broun knows how to campaign, why doesnt he have more money that silly jim whitehead????

  40. jsmith says:

    He had an expired license but I understand that was just a mix-up. The bottom line is I relate to Broun because I had some problems with my personal life but have never given up, much like Broun. He is running for Congress again afterall so he must really want it!

    Greene and Whitehead have never run for Congress.

    If you check the records, Mindmay, you will see that Broun leads Greene in the money race.

  41. MindyMay says:

    well there are things that can be said for that, jsmith, but ill be nice and just say that i hope things get better for you.

    i dont think there is anything wrong with running for the first time. besides, BILL GREENE has contacts in dc!!!! hes said so in press releases and is very well respected by those already in congress. he is not some nobody with no contacts or just state contacts.

    well, id hope so. brouns been campaigning for two years!!!! BILL GREENE started his campaign AFTER CHARLIE NORWOOD’S DEATH!!!!

  42. jsmith says:

    Bill Greene brags about running a business where his primary responsibility is hitting the send button—please. That is how he has contacts in DC so lets not give him too much credit.

    Broun is a medical professional, not some internet hack.

    Broun has been preparing for his run for Congress, and there is nothing wrong with that!

  43. MindyMay says:

    alan keyes has endorsed BILL GREENE!!!! he ran for president, you know. hes coming to the 10th on his behalf. i dont see anyone doing that for broun!!!!

    ive heard paul broun was last in his class at mcg. i guess he did get out of school, but just barely!!!!

    there is something wrong with that if you make the officeholder angry by doing it!!!! ive heard charlie yelled at him. an angry CHARLIE NORWOOD is a scary CHARLIE NORWOOD!!!!

  44. jsmith says:

    If Charlie was angry at Broun for campaigning, so be it. Broun was merely preparing himself for his run, and as I said there is nothing wrong with that even if the press jumps all over that state senator for it.

    Broun graduated from the Medical College of Georgia, which is a far better institution than the no-name school Greene taught political science at.

  45. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Oh boy, please tell me you’re not bragging on Alan Keyes.

    Keyes is a political slut. The man goes where the money (or the open seat) is, pure and simple.

    Keyes was a loser in Maryland, loser for president, and most recently loser in IL. Plus the dude was busted for paying himself with campaign funds. Now Keyes makes a living skimming money off the top of the Minutemen contributions.

    Let Greene have this egotistic piece of political roadkill.

    Alan Keyes. Honestly. No one brings any less to the table than does Alan Keyes.

  46. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I was mistaken. Keyes lost TWICE in MD, and TWICE when running for president.

    I also forgot his awful MSNBC talker that was canned after just a couple of weeks.

    Oh, and he paid himself $8,500 per month with campaign funds when running in MD (this was long before the legality of such actions was in question).

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