Let’s Talk About The Georgia Code Again

Attention State Legislators: You jackasses are making many of our lives a living research hell because of your idiotic switch to Lexis-Nexis — a company I actually like.

But I’ve got to tell you, I’ve gone there probably every day this past week and the site was down more than it was up. I just got a post to the tipline saying it was down again.

If this is the best you can do, please stay home and stop legislating.

And yes, I call you jackasses in the most loving possible way. This is just so damn frustrating. I cannot believe Lexis is that incompetent.

Seriously, just about every time I’ve gone there this week the site has been down.


  1. mlstout says:


    I sympathize with your frustrations toward the server… and your language couldn’t describe it better. Your vocab is more like a Zion Pres kinda guy; not so much Vinevillesque though.

    It is poetic that our state’s server won’t serve.
    What else is new?

    Grace and peace!

  2. Chris says:

    Maybe we could split the difference – when the LexisNexis OCGA is down, we don’t have to obey their laws.

    What say you legislators?


  3. Doug Deal says:

    The code is also replicated in an number of Law Firm web sites. I don’t like the LexisNexis interface, so I usually just use those.

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