I have no sympathy.

Incoming freshmen at the state’s public research institutions will pay $2,248 per semester beginning this fall, a $302 increase over this year’s locked in four-year tuition rate, the state Board of Regents decided Wednesday.

The board approved the new “fixed for four” tuition price and approved a record $2.1 billion budget at the meeting.

This is the second class of college freshmen who will be locked into a four-year rate under a plan the regents approved last April. The fall tuition is a 15 percent increase over what current freshmen are locked into. As the plan goes forward and upperclassmen without fixed rates graduate, future classes of freshmen will likely see a smaller increase, system officials said.

I’ll be paying back the Feds for the rest of my life because of my education (yeah Mercer, that’s why you don’t get a penny from me in alumni contributions).