“I’m Not A Slumlord.”

“I’m a slum *lady*.”

The city of Powder Springs has issued 23 code violation warnings on three duplexes owned by Cobb County Commissioner Annette Kesting, who recently made headlines for not paying property taxes on those same properties.

Kesting rents out several of the properties, which fall in the district she represents in south Cobb. The notices said Kesting must replace or repair roofs and an overhang, remove rotted boards on the homes, cut down high weeds and repaint all three structures.

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  1. GOPeach says:

    I agree with the guy who made the comment in the AJC blog…

    He missed that money… looks like he’s lurking in the shadows wanting to trash Commissioner Kesting. She is m commissioner and I like her.
    She’s really a HARD HARD worker and not a Roy Boy.

    What I like aboutAnnette Kesting is that she is a CONSERVATIVE Demoncrat…. the best!

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