So When Will It Be?

I have a tip for Glenn Richardson. The Governor seems to want to ignore my previous advice, so how about this.

Glenn and Dubose should get together, hammer out a bipartisan, House plan on the budget and CON, present it to the public, and dare the Governor and Senate to pee on it. Or, Glenn and the GOP in the House should do it.

Right now there is a clear leadership vacuum and a failure of leadership. Someone could step into the void, generate positive headlines, and stomp on the others. If Glenn Richardson really wants to be Mr. Speaker, then he ought start speaking.

It’s time to get off the pot.


  1. truthaboutthematter says:

    It is clear that Lt. Gov. Cagle has already filled that leadership role. It is his leadership that stripped the house of their pork filled budget. Now he has stayed above the fray and truly distinguished himself. On the other hand, Glenn is just barely keeping the house together right now. He sold his party to Dubose Porter for the override and now is trying to keep the caucus together. The reason that a session has not been called is because Glenn is trying to prevent mutiny by his former lackeys Keen and Burkhalter. I vote for the GA House to be renamed the Potemkin (see Russianrevolution).

  2. Icarus says:


    While I agree that Cagle might still have some of the high ground, over-the-top posts like that don’t help his cause.

    “The reason that a session has not been called is because Glenn is trying to prevent mutiny by his former lackeys Keen and Burkhalter.” ?????

    Since when does the Speaker get to issue the call? Or is the Governor helping the Speaker out? Oh wait, the Speaker wants to override the Governor’s veto.

    Regardless who your dog is in this fight, everyone would be better served to tone down the rhetoric, let all parties involved negotiate a cool-headed and face-saving solution, let everyone take credit for saving the taxpayers of Georgia money, and move on to fight another day.

  3. eehrhart says:

    Once again little coward; come out from behind your psuedonym.

    Unlike some the Speaker is not dealing with innuendo and character attacks but in facts.

    The House has offered to find a solution to this impasse on the budget in an OPEN meeting with three from the House and three from the Senate.

    If we can all agree on the principle of tax relief that was passed unanimously just three weeks ago by all House members and Senators we have a place to start. I have faith in the Senate members, that they will not tell the people of Georgia, “JUST KIDDING” when it comes to a vote on tax relief.

    So what is it to be? Shall we discuss tax relief or posture?

    The House is ready and waiting for a call for special session and for any dialogue.

    The House has made their position clear on tax relief. I think it is now time to hear clearly from the others. Again in an OPEN forum where all Georgians can hear what alternatives the Senate leadership and the Governor have to the House and Senate memberships overwhelming support, at least last week, of giving 142 million dollars of their money back to the people who earned it.

  4. truthaboutthematter says:

    What fun is politics without a little rhetoric? I will outline my major beef in outline form minus rhetoric.

    House submits budget filled with pork

    Senate strips pork

    House knows they got hand caught in cookie jar and offers a tax rebate to make up for it

    In the process they reject the Governor’s permanent tax cut and other proposals

    As a result Governor warns the house they will reject their supplemental tax rebate

    The House balks and goes ahead with the plan

    Governor Perdue follows through with his pledge and vetoes

    Glenn’s power is threatened so he grandstands and partners with democrats to override veto(that wasn’t even submitted yet)

    We are waiting on a special session stalled by the Speakers fear of a coup in his house

    WOW please explain how you can honestly trust Glenn Richardson to lead the house?

  5. eehrhart says:

    Shakespeare had a great line with respect to protesting too much!!

    A unanimous, united bipartisan vote on an overide by the elected Representatives of the entire state of Georgia in the peoples house is hardly an indicator of lack of support for the Speaker.

    NOW on the other hand…using a technicality to prevent a vote by a membership…..what can be inferred from that?

    Why not put it to a vote if some are so confident of their position and let the peoples elected Representatives indicate in public how they feel about tax relief.

  6. Icarus says:


    Rhetoric is fine. Lack of logic, not so much.

    The House got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, but to their credit, trumped the Senate by coming back with the tax cut. I think we agree on that.

    The fact that somehow Richardson is deciding when to have a special session escapes me, given that is at the governor’s sole power.

  7. EducationMan says:

    i do not have ANY of the budget facts, but is there any way to get the $142M one-time property tax cut AND the Governor’s permanent tax cut done in one shot?

    Seems like that would be win-win-win-win: Gov gets his tax cut, House gets their tax cut, Senate gets credit for eliminating pork, Georgians get smaller government.

  8. truthaboutthematter says:

    Wow Rep. Ehrhart I truly can not believe you called me a coward……I am glad to see that name calling is not beneath you. The tax relief is a one time 50 dollar rebate not a tax cut. Most conservatives aren’t interested in cutesy political pandering to answer your question. I would like to ask you what was open about your house’s original Tax proposal that would’ve cost millions to administer? Also if you and the speaker are all for openness please give an HONEST account of what was said in the pre-override caucus meeting! Would you admit that the speaker threatened you? I would love to see who the real coward is…..Again I can not believe an elected official called a poster a coward… steal the words of Glenn you really “showed your backside”.

  9. eehrhart says:

    A larger more permanent tax cut which benefits all of Georgia’s citizens is a great idea Education Man.

    Lets put that on the table and see if the Senate and Governor will support such good fiscal policy for Georgia’s taxpayers.

    Say….something like a permanent decrease in the property tax???

  10. truthaboutthematter says:

    “Think Tank: Cobb received too much pork”
    Isn’t that your district representative? Oh wait let me guess the Georgia Public Policy foundation disagrees with you so they must be cowards as well. People please be wary of who is talking about true fiscal conservatism!

  11. Icarus says:


    I think a bigger problem is that neither the House nor the Senate support the Governor’s tax cut. It’s focused narrowly at rich old folks. The House is on the record as wanting to overhaul the entire tax system next session, so as to have an across the board tax cut. (still arguably for the wealthy, but at least no minimum age requirement). I think the Senate also prefers something a bit more broad based, as well.

    The Governor needs to learn that politics is a team sport, or at least start showing up to some games.

  12. eehrhart says:

    Oh my……for someone who throws invective like it is cheap confetti to be offended about a psuedonym being characterized as cowardly is a bit rich!

    The world of blogs is not for those who cant take the heat.

  13. EducationMan says:

    Mr. Chairman, given that the time is short for this year, perhaps it makes sense to get a deal done this year based on things currently on the table–the one-time property tax cut and the Governor’s tax cut.

    Then, next year go for the Speaker’s tax reform–which i assume is a net tax cut.

    Again, you have a lot more information than me. i am not in the loop. These are just ignorant suggestions.

    P.S. i am confident that these growing pains for the new Republican majority will result in a good outcome for Georgia. it does not matter who said what in what meeting. what matters to Georgians is the final product. No one will remember the growing pains if the House, Senate, and Governor produce a good budget with tax relief for Georgia.

  14. eehrhart says:

    I am sure Senators Wiles, Rogers, and Judson Hill will be thrilled to know that a Senate Intern thinks they are not conservative and that their education priorities in the 08 budget were useless pork.

  15. drjay says:

    i’m not sure a whizzing contest on a blog site is the best thing for an elected representive to allow himself to get sucked into. (just thinking out loud)

  16. eehrhart says:

    Probably right drjay…

    But it is great fun and contrary to popular belief elected officials do have a sense of humor and this is a great outlet.

    More importantly this is the new outlet for important information and electeds should participate.

    Just like anything else and anywhere else you are responsible for the statements you make and I take responsibility for mine on here or any other blog.

    I think this medium of journalism is much better than the legacy media and what better place to take elected officials to task or to have a discussion with them? In the legacy media this was never an option.

    I have never felt constrained to the potted plant role and to date my constituents have supported that style of candor. I hope they continue.

    Isnt anyone tired of the stick in the mud elected who thinks they are above everything including blogs?

  17. Icarus says:

    Has anyone been over to the Political Insider on AJC lately. There’s a long post with Matt Towry/Insider Advantage poll numbers saying the Governor is coming out of this cool and the legislature is taking it on the chin.

    1) I never believe IA polls.

    2) Towrey says the public is unaware the leglislature passed a tax cut, but somehow is acutely aware of a 2:00am bar room brawl between two kid lobbyists.

    3) Towery doesn’t speculate what a few million dollars of direct mail can do to change the public’s awareness when it gets closer to election time.

  18. EducationMan says:


    I assume you are correct. But, here would be my response:

    The Governor campaigned on VERY few specific promises. Of course, his tax cut for seniors was one of them. He won big. He has a mandate for that tax change from Georgians.

    Also, i am not a tax expert, but it seems that senior tax cut would have some or even very large “supply side” benefits in terms of bringing in folks who pay a lot of other taxes and do not use much in terms of services (e.g. schools).

    While i have the floor, when was the last time a Georgia Governor won with that high a percentage of the vote?

  19. Icarus says:

    Rep Ehrhart,

    I appreciate your comments above, and yes, it is refreshing to have blunt, plain talk from an elected representative.

    I also hope you’re as blunt when you carry what you read and participate in here back to the Speaker. There is still time for everyone to win here, and that’s if the people of Georgia are put ahead of political ambitions or House/Senate rivalry.

    Keep up the good work, and keep the comments flowing.


    Another Coward with a Psuedonym,

  20. Icarus says:


    People often confuse margin of victory with mandates, and when I say “people”, I mean “candidates/electeds”.

    Sonny won because he was a “Republican” (I make air quotes when I typed that), and because he was not Mark Taylor.

    If Sonny had really wanted the tax cut, he might have actually tried to work with the legislature to try to get it passed, instead of going AWOL (fishing?) for 38 days.

    As for attracting Seniors, I have nothing against them, but the arguement that they don’t use a lot of services is bogus. They don’t use schools, but they also vote against SPLOSTS. The do use EMS services at a rate multiple times the general population. They want senior centers. Then they want buses to take them to the senior centers. Then they want higher homestead exemptions, etc.

    Be careful what you wish for when you’re choosing which welcome mat to roll out.

  21. EducationMan says:


    I appreciate your good thoughts, but don’t EMS services, senior centers, and buses cost a heckuva lot less than schools? Won’t higher income seniors pay a lot in property and sales taxes?

    I also appreciate your kind words about Earl E.

    You can have the last word if you are still reading. i need to get back to work.

  22. Icarus says:

    EM: Work is overrated.

    A lot of counties have higher homestead exemptions for Seniors, and some eliminate the school tax from the property tax altogether, if I’m not mistaken.

    In addition, as I mentioned above, they tend to vote against SPLOTS, and in my county, have organized campaigns against school SPLOSTS saying that property taxes alone should fund schools.

    So, it’s a dual edged sword of special and extra services, combined with hamstringing local government’s ability to fund non-senior projects.

    In general, flat or fair taxes that apply to everyone are my preference. Any time we try to single a group out for extra taxes or cuts, it just leads to class warfare.

  23. truthaboutthematter says:

    Two questions for Rep. Ehrhart
    What was said during the caucus meeting and what threats were made?

    One question for the blogging world

    As the speaker went off the deep end and his ratings tanked, who was smiling wider Burkhalter or Keen? The answer will lead to the next speaker of the House.

    Talk amongst yourselves

  24. LongTimeListener says:

    First, many thanks to Chairman Ehrhart for sharing his thoughts on this site. I agree with him about blogs being an exciting new medium for elected officials to get their message out. Chairman Ehrhart has made it clear what the priorities of the House Leadership are… tax relief and open meetings. While I’m not a fan of “litmus tests”, I find it hard to believe many Republicans oppose either of those tenants.

    Meanwhile, “Truth” continues to use childish invective and ignore facts. In “Truth”’s outline of what happened with the Supplement Budget, the fact that the Senate passed the budget (tax cut included) is somehow overlooked or ignored. And “Truth” needs to explain how a Speaker who just passed the first override of a veto in decades by an overwhelming majority has gone off the deep end or lost control.

    Again, I’m pleased Chairman Ehrhart has laid the House’s plan to deliver tax relief to Georgians with an open dialog. Let’s hope this offer is accepted by all parties.

  25. Donkey Kong says:

    Ah, liesaboutthematter returns. I really missed your thought provoking remarks (I just threw up in my mouth).

  26. Painterman says:

    Let’s see, Casey took out all of the Pork? What about all of those e-mails he was sending Glenn saying “if you give us this we’ll let you have this”? Wow what a guy!!! He get’s caught with his hand in the cookie jar while yelling about the others doing the same thing! Yep that’s leadership for you!!!

    Sonny, call the session, Senate, Override the Veto. Everyone go home!

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