New poll numbers

New poll numbers on the state legislature and the Governor from Insider Advantage via the Political Insider:

Perdue’s approval rating stands at 53 percent — 83 percent among Republicans voters. But House Speaker Glenn Richardson and Lt. Gov. Casey can hardly say the same thing.

Asked if they approve of the job performance of the state House of Representatives, 53 percent of voters said no. The judgment was even harsher among Republicans — 77 percent of GOP voters disapproved.

Statistically, but not politically, the Senate faired better. Overall, 54 percent disapproved. The number jumped to 63 percent among Republican voters.

Lumped together, “the leadership of the state Legislature” was well thought of by only 17 percent of voters. Voters were not asked what they thought of Richardson and Cagle individually.

Here is the problem:

Here’s the point: the InsiderAdvantage poll says voters don’t know enough about the dead budget package to care about this. Only 24 percent said they were aware of any benefits contained in the budget proposals made by the House, the Senate — or the governor.

“Republicans in the House say we can’t possibly go back on a tax cut. Well, the public doesn’t even know there’s a tax cut,” Towery said.


  1. Icarus says:

    My thoughts on this as posted in the thread speculating on the timing of the special session:

    1) I never believe IA polls.

    2) Towrey says the public is unaware the leglislature passed a tax cut, but somehow is acutely aware of a 2:00am bar room brawl between two kid lobbyists.

    3) Towery doesn’t speculate what a few million dollars of direct mail can do to change the public’s awareness when it gets closer to election time.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    He also probably doesn’t mention how many people are confused between the difference between the US House and Senate and the Georgia House and Senate, and may just be voicing their disdain of Congress.

  3. tony r says:

    Isn’t this the same moron who had ralph reed winning the primary the day before the election?

    I’m with icarus – just some windbag, who dials a few people so he can opine on high

  4. Chris says:

    heh, I was just reading the last thread on the Special Session and wondering “has anyone fielded a poll about this yet?”.

    I guess not. 🙂

  5. Legislators seeing these poll results probably felt as if someone had peed into their Cheerios (c). Almost with exception* legislators look into their mirrors and see a future United States President staring back at them. The mirror just thinks “who is this fat guy*?”

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    IA’s poll may or may not be accurate but this special session of fraught with danger for the GOP. Richardson, Cagle and Perdue need to hammer this thing out and make it a one day session.

  7. rightofcenter says:

    Thanks, Buzz, for a voice of reality and reason on this. I don’t find anything at all surprising about these poll results. People don’t get bogged down in the details of the legislature, they just see the fighting and it does remind them of our nation’s congress. Perdue stays above the fray (which may be good politics although it’s poor governing) then vetoes, which makes him look strong.

  8. freeloader says:

    I’m constantly amazed that IA can keep producing amateur polls, put them out with a press release as if they have anymore expertise than your average blogger and then get their stuff published.

    While they may be horrendeous political prognosticators, they are damn good at media relations.

  9. ugavi says:

    It would be nice if Glenn and Casey did what they were elected to do. They should stop running for gov. now and worry about it in 3 years.

    The minimum special session is 5 days. It takes that long to get a bill or bills worked through the process.

  10. jsm says:

    “I’m constantly amazed that IA can keep producing amateur polls, put them out with a press release as if they have anymore expertise than your average blogger and then get their stuff published.”

    Perception defines reality. Until the media and the general public see the lack of value in these polls, they will continue to get published.

  11. joshdondich says:

    Sonny Purdue at 53% approval ratings that is probably about where he will stay, I do not see him going any higher in approval ratings for the rest of his second term. The approval ratings of The Georgia House and Senate looks no different than the US Senate and House in 2005. The GOP Presidential Debates are tonight and on the 15th. I have read more articles that are saying if Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich jump in the race. It will pull down Giulliani’s , Mccain’s and Romney’s numbers. I think if Fred Thompson gets in he will have the most impact on the top three candidates numbers, because he the best choice for a Regan Republican candidate and is has the popularity to be a major impact in the primary and very strong against Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama in the general election season if he gets the GOP nomination.

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