More on the “ruined day.”

The “Inman Park Internecion” is the gift that keeps on giving. Not content to take the abuse heaped upon them by Mary Grabar yesterday, the Dancing Flowers for Peace fight back respond:

Our petals wilted when we read the descriptions of some of our buds who participated in the Inman Park parade. Grizzled? Girth-widened? Didn’t Grabar’s mother teach her that it’s not good manners to call other people names? And why did she especially pick on narcissuses — there aren’t any in our group, but they would be warmly welcomed, just like any other flower.

We ask that Grabar consider picking a weed or two out of her attitude about people who openly parade their politics. Isn’t that really much more engaging than root-bound podium thumping? And, as Johnny Appleseed might have said: “There is nothing more delightful than planting the seeds of free speech on a sunny day!”

We think that “doing something for others or for the community” is a perfect definition of political action. To grow outside yourself, yes!

Hat Tip: Spacey Gracey Review.

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  1. SpaceyG says:

    The blogosphere, that would be me too, got totally punked by the AJC on that one! Score one for Big Media. I mean, could there be more obvious bait for us to munch on than the Flower Power Hour response to the Inman Park parade editorial brew haha? They’re dishing it back out to us over there in Cox Country. And we’re lapping it up.

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