Atkinson for Bibb County Commission.

Peach Pundit reader and all around good guy Maurice Atkinson is running for Bibb County Commission District 4:

Four years ago I ran for the Bibb County Commission District 4 seat. The issues then are the same as today. Bibb County government spends way too much money, and what do we have to show for it? Increased debt and unpaved roads.

I intend on seeking the district 4 commission seat again. This time the outcome will be far different. In the last election I spent a whopping $2,000 and garnered 36% of the vote. My budget has increased as well as my vision. Bibb County cannot afford 4 more years of Joe Allen. The ranting in board meetings is nauseating. His unkempt promises is intolerable. We certainly can do better. I can do far better!

For this very reason I am announcing my candidacy for District 4 Bibb County Commission. This is not a mere political contest but a referendum on restoring Good Government.

The next 18 months will be spent networking and building coalitions to begin the restoration. I need your help. This will be a costly and time consuming race, but it has to be done. The alternative dictates this.

Click here for Maurice’s website.


  1. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    Maurice should work on his grammar a bit before he goes about doing the people’s business. Goodness gracious. If we expect immigrants to learn proper English, why can’t Maurice Atkinson? If that’s too hard, at least hire a literate copy editor before you go announcing your candidacy.

  2. UGAchris says:

    He sounds like a good guy, but if he can’t even proofread his news release why should he be elected?

    And did anybody else notice that this guy has a section on his website devoted to the Hello Gorgeous hair salon? Completely unprofessional, unless he is John Edwards.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    I got to know Maurice while working with Herman Cain’s campaign. He is the genuine article, and not a polished politician with handlers to smooth out his edges.

    If you prefer smooth politicians who can lie with excellent grammar and a smile, you will probaly want someone else, and will deserve what you get.

    If you want a good guy who will be straight with you at all times who may not be so suave, then Maurice is your man.

    He will have my support, even if the odds are stacked against him.

  4. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Maurice was an excellent candidate for south Bibb last time, and hopefully he will win this time. He is a tireless worker and devoted conservative. Maurice needs to win.

  5. katurner says:

    I wish Maurice Atkinson the best of luck. Unfortunately Joe Allen has many people snowed esp. in Democratic-leaning precincts. If the Bibb County Commission goes any more Democrat I think unincorporated Bibb will slide down the drain.

  6. MrMacon says:

    Before casting the first stone, Mr. Fulton, perhaps you should evaluate your own writing.
    In your above comment, I find several errors.
    First, in your sentence that begins “If that’s too hard,” your demonstrative pronoun, ‘that’, has an ambiguous antecedent. It’s unclear whether or not you are referring to to the immigrant’s need for an education, or Mr. Atkinson’s. Also, “goodness gracious,” being a colloquial expression and not a phrase of any structure, should be followed by an exclamation point.
    You also change your point of view from the third person to the second in the last line, which is simply poor writing style.
    There is no need for “before he goes announcing,”; that is superfluous verbiage. Why not shorten it to “he announces…”? Your employment of the phrase “doing the people’s business” is confusing and unclear. Surely you can find something more specific in your extensive vocabulary; for instance: “before he pursues a position in government,” or “before he seeks to represent the people,” or even, “before he engages in politics.”

    Mr. Fulton, I don’t mind a level of colloquialism on blogs online, as you can see in my own posts. But when you look to break down someone’s character by nit-picking their grammar, I only caution you to “look to thine own self first”.

    Maurice is an excellent individual and he has vision and discipline enough to fulfill the duties of the County Commission. If we disagree with the antics of those like Joe Allen, we should rally for the cause that Maurice has courageously taken upon his shoulders.

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