A Non-story that has potential to become one

Cagle’s budget.

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has positioned himself as the conservative conscience of the Legislature, battling to control state spending.

But the budget for his taxpayer-funded office will jump 58 percent in the upcoming fiscal year, far surpassing increases in other state agencies, according to the state budget lawmakers approved last month.

Cagle argues the increase is necessary to “meet the needs of the citizens all over Georgia.”

“I’m very cognizant of the money we will spend in this office,” said Cagle, who as lieutenant governor serves as president of the Senate. “I feel like our staff in the lieutenant governor’s office is very conservative.”

Having basically defunded Mark Taylor, the GOP is now restoring the power of the Lt. Gov. and that means he needs back the money the GOP took from Taylor.

But does he really need a “jobs advocate?”


  1. Bull Moose says:

    If you’ll remember correctly, they stripped Lt. Governor of money for a staff.

    With the proper powers restored to the office, it was only appropriate that the funds be restored.

    A jobs advocate is imperative because the growth of this state is dependent on growing private sector jobs.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Everyone knows it is the hard work and insightful planning of the government that creates these private sector jobs. It is these government bureaucrats that risk everything to start new businesses that keep the economy strong and growing.

    Their tireless dedication to innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring.

    Here’s to you, Government Jobs Advocate Person!

  3. SpaceyG says:

    That GJAP had better earn his/her keep by “advocating” for better blogger pay. We sure seem to be doing all the heavy media lifting nowadays.

  4. freeloader says:

    I think if you’re looking for abuse, or lack of, a fair comparison would be to the Speaker’s budget.

  5. freeloader says:


    Shouldn’t you give some credit to Cagle for creating another Georgia job. Think about how much the Job Advocate will be able to contribute to the Georgia economy with his $150,000 a year.

  6. jsm says:

    I remember Cagle, early on the campaign trail, talking about making the LG’s office a force for creating jobs in Georgia. That was back when nobody really knew what the LG does, since Taylor had been taken out of the game. I would be interested to see the job description and performance goals for the jobs advocate.

  7. CobbGOPer says:

    It just seems a useless waste of money when you look at the quiet but very effective work Mike Thurmond is doing as Labor Commissioner…

  8. Nat Taggart says:

    So, my question is, when are our government officials going to realize that government DOES NOT create jobs? It is freedom of individuals and businesses that create jobs! What government needs to be focused on, in this state and across the nation, is to seek and destroy regulations, taxes and practices that hurt businesses that are here and discourage the ones who are not from coming here.

    I see this as a waste, but you know, we should all be used to useless and wasteful government spending from our politicians, both Republican and Democrat.

  9. tony r says:

    Yet another fine example of stupidity and hypocrisy from “I want to cut the pork from one budget, but don’t worry I’ll lard up the other budget with the same projects” cagle.

    Throw them all out.

  10. Nat Taggart says:

    Hypocrisy and inconsistency is about all we get from politicians anymore. It is sickening. And I am tired of it.

  11. Demonbeck says:

    Government can provide better environments for job creation.

    I applaud any politician who understands that job creation is the most important thing he/she can facilitate.

  12. Icarus says:

    “What government needs to be focused on, in this state and across the nation, is to seek and destroy regulations, taxes and practices that hurt businesses that are here and discourage the ones who are not from coming here.”

    If the person focused on the issues in the above sentence, and was effective at helping craft legislation that removed artificial government barriers to doing business in Georgia, then the $150K would be well spent.

  13. Doug Deal says:


    The government pretty much just needs to stay out of the way for that. Some central planner is never going to predict what 100’s of thousands of business owners need, and is a fool for trying.

    Tight “partnerships” between government and industry was what was supposed to allow Japan to crush back in the 80’s. We see how well that turned out. You cannot beat laissez faire for job growth.

  14. rightofcenter says:

    Thurmond is a non-factor at Labor. He also has done some very questionable things ethically (someone should look at his wife’s business dealings).

    As for Doug Deal: If we just depended on laissez faire for job growth, we’d sit here and watch Alabama and South Carolina pass us as the southeastern economic engine. Laissez faire is great in the think tanks, but it’s not real world.

  15. Demonbeck says:

    Doug Deal,

    Believe it or not, the state can do things to attract businesses here. They can also create a good environment where businesses can thrive. Having a staffer with direct access to our legislators to remind them of that can only be a good thing.

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