What’s up at UGA?

Someone just sent us this on the tipline:

—–Original Message—–
From: Official UGA Announcements Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 12:05:24
Subject: Public Safety Notice

May 1, 2007

TO: UGA Faculty, Staff, and Students

FROM: UGA Police Department

This is to inform the University of Georgia community of a public safety matter as required by the Clery Act. Based on statements made by a student to a faculty member on Monday, April 30, the faculty member was led to believe the student could be a threat to the student’s own safety or that of others. University of Georgia Police executed a search warrant Monday evening at the residence of the student, [redacted], 27, an MBA student who lives at [redacted], Athens. [redacted] confronted officers with a handgun but was disarmed and taken into custody under a court order requiring that he submit to mental evaluation. Pending the determination of whether he will be held for further mental treatment, he also will face two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer.


  1. Same guy last week:

    April 24

    • A male University student told ACC Police his car was stolen.

    Brandon Ginyard told ACC Police he left town at about 4 p.m. Saturday and returned Tuesday morning but went straight to class.

    When he returned to his apartment complex off North Avenue, he noticed his 1999 black Acura was missing.

    There was no broken glass in the parking lot, and Ginyard told police he has the only set of keys to the car and he remembers locking it before he left.

  2. NKD says:

    UGA has been sending us emails about “suspicious behavior” since I became a student four years ago. They want to make us aware of things that go on in the vicinity of campus. In light of recent events, I wouldn’t be surprised if these emails are a bit more frequent…

  3. Donkey Kong says:

    I think we can commend both the university and the police for a job well done with this incident. This could have had a much more tragic ending. I’m thankful the police involved weren’t trigger-happy. I rarely second-guess police in incidents where they are threatened, and it takes a lot of courage to keep calm.

  4. Donkey Kong says:

    Btw, as a personal note, this was my first post via blackberry. Wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did. Woo hoo! I’m even further enslaved to Al Gore’s internet!

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