The Highest Praise

Folks, I want to share something with you all.  I know some of Jeff’s friends and professors are stopping by here.  You all should take notice of this.

Below is a transcript from Paul Harvey’s noontime show today:

&#8220This is rather personal, but it’s shop talk.

Jeff Emanuel, whoever you are, wherever you are, I wanted to thank you sir.

Nobody since Ernie Pyle has reported this war from the trenches as you are doing.  Obviously, you know our guys deserve better.

You have been skeptical of their mission, and yet are awed by their performance.

Thank you.&#8221
You can listen to Paul Harvey here: (windows | quicktime) – his comments about Jeff start at 5:44)


  1. bowersville says:

    “Nobody since Ernie Pyle…” is a huge compliment coming from Paul Harvey. Stay safe and kudos. I look forward to each report, thanks.

    Maybe some major print media will pick up the dispatches. Calling Atlanta, Washington, New York…AP etc.

  2. Erick says:

    Chris, he has actually been very skeptical, not of the need for the war, but the methods by which it has been conducted.

  3. Jmac says:

    Seriously … I didn’t know Paul Harvey was even alive.

    Still, very cool for Jeff. Where is his actual reporting popping up? On his blog or elsewhere? I saw an ABH column a while back.

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