Senate Caves

Casey and the Senators will not override the Governor’s veto, thus sparing Sonny’s ego.

They will, however, take my advice and hammer out a supplemental between the Governor, House, and Senate leadership, then call a special session to get it approved quickly.

They should still override.

[UPDATED:] Correction here: Casey does not think thre are the vote. I bet there are. 1/2+ the GOP and 9/10 of the Democrats. Right now, I count 39 votes for override.


  1. tony r says:

    Am I the only person who thinks casey cagle is the biggest wuss in state govt since….well, to mix up history since chamberlain said sure hitler, take all of europe, just please, please like me.

    Jeez, this guy caves to everybody.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    Why would nine-tenth’s of the Democrats (or anywhere near that number) override a veto that was cast in order to put more spending into a budget? Yeah, it would help embarrass the other party, but wouldn’t they WANT to put more spending in the budget?

    If you honestly believe that nine-tenths of Democrats support smaller budgets, while only one-half of Republicans do, then I’ve been voting for the wrong party.

  3. Philly says:

    Cagle is a wuss and has become Gov Perdue’s puppet and so has The Majority Leader. Not a suprise at all.

    I hope Richardson refuses to go along with the compromise and forces a vote on the issue. I can just see the flack the State Senators will get if they refuse to over ride a veto of a tax cut.

  4. eehrhart says:

    It is time to OVERIDE and not cost the taxpayers either money for an extended special session, or the tax relief both the Senate and House passed overwhelmingly just two weeks ago.

    Nothing has changed!

    One other note:
    There seems to be a misconception on the part of some that you can reserve the money in a fund. News flash for those who like technicalities, as in “not transmitted”…..Anything the government keeps from the supplemental is not reserved but is classified as unallocated surplus. Also, even a reserve account can be raided even if you could put it in one, which you cant.

    Guess who would get their hands on that to spend on fishies or whatever????

    Give it back to the people who earned it across the board and not keep it for government spending.

  5. You are right Mr. Chairman!

    I hand delivered a letter to Lt. Governor Cagle earlier today. He took a few minutes to talk with me and with everything going on I really appreciate him “fitting” me in. He told me he would read the letter and that regardless of what everyone is writing, nothing was in concrete and that a tax cut would have to be part of the mix!

    I posted the letter on my blog :

  6. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    1984. I do love how all the Reps are running around now screaming that they want to preserve the tax cut…when they resisted it and wanted to load up the supplemental/amended budget with pork.

  7. Jason Pye says:

    You have a point. I don’t believe in the sincerity of the House Leadership. It’s a political play as opposed to doing what is right…however, if the taxpayers get a break in the process, so be it.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    Ok, so this is rather deceptive. “eeriehart” picked a name deceptively close to eehrhart. Perhaps the intention was humor, but I just want to point that out in case anyone else missed it the first time like I did, that “eeriehart” is not Chairman Ehrhart. eehrhart is.

    My apologies if I’m the only one that’s bothered by this.

  9. jsm says:

    I mentioned in another thread that Carl Rogers (vice chair – appropriations) told a group a couple weeks ago that he and others are trying to raise the reserve to $1 billion from $700-something million. Why can’t this cap be raised in the special session and funded with the surplus from the budget?

  10. Chris says:

    AFAIK, we aren’t anywhere close to having the reserve funded like we are supposed to. Perhaps Chairman Ehrhart could verify on that point.

    Representative Davis also makes a valid point on his blog that refunding income taxes has legal problems.

    How much does a sales tax holiday cost the state in terms of lost revenue?

  11. Bull Moose says:

    Not sure where my comment on here went, but I think this is getting a little too acrimonious and everyone (political junkies) needs to take a breath of freash air.

  12. truthaboutthematter says:

    The House has certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of posters here. It is amazing that the same House that loaded a SUPLEMENTAL budget full of pork is now being heralded as the second coming of fiscal conservatism! Thank God the Senate stripped those pork ridden projects from the budget. Now it seems the House wants to take credit for this! Unbelievable

  13. truthaboutthematter says:

    Bull-I have read this blog for a long time in silence, but this Speaker nonsense has to be refuted. I will not let a drunk, womanizing, pork king steer the GOP into oblivion. We need to be applauding the fiscal conservatism of the Senate as well as the Governor’s vetted tax cut.

  14. Chris says:

    Actually, Cagle is only speculating that they won’t override – since he can’t not vote on it once the House transmits a properly vetoed bill.

    BTW, where does it say a special session must be at least 5 days long?

  15. eehrhart says:

    Nothing unbelievable about this at all if you look at the facts.

    The House voted unanimously for an 07 budget with a tax cut and no pork. So did the Senate.

    We will now find out if certain individuals were posturing politically, or will they stand on the same conservative principles as the House.

    I for one have faith in the conservative majority in the Senate and if allowed to vote they will prevail on an overide.

    I also have a great deal of faith in the posters on Peach Pundit. They have proven that they can see through a great deal, those on the left and the right. I have been taken to task by them many times. They also have little patience with those who just insist they are the smartest one in the room and they, the posters are just to stupid to not be wool eyed .

  16. Holly says:

    Rep. Ehrhart, blame it on my long day, but I followed you up until the last sentence, and then you lost me. What does that last part mean?

  17. truthaboutthematter says:

    How does the kool aid taste Repersentative? The Senate is the one who stripped all of your projects in the amended budget. How do justify Harbin’s Golf Hall of Fame and Infantry mueseum as proper use of MY tax dollars? Check out the press conferance where Glenn “the spend” Ricahrdson states “I would have preferred to return the money to the people through projects like the infantry musuem” I am all for our troops, but how about saving money to allow for an across the board tax cut rather than a one time tax rebate! Fiscal Conservative my behind!

  18. eehrhart says:

    Sorry Holly it was an awkward sentence, my fault, but if you read the following comment after yours you will see that it hit home with the intended fish who took the bait.

    Again lets just see where the true conservatism is. It is a very simple equation and name calling and intemperate comments, Truth, are just the last resort of those who know they are on the wrong side of this debate. Careful you will tarnish that squeaky clean image some are trying to sell. And for the record and it is a fact we in the House accepted the postion that there would be nothing but emergency appropriation in the supplemental and there was no project in the version we passed. We are now saying very simply that you cant have it both ways. Either the spending and tax cut were right then as we state or as some seem to be suggesting….Just kidding. I for one would not want to defend that position and I think the people of Georgia will agree.

    Either vote for tax relief in the overide or cut and run from a position taken just last week. If they do; then it was nothing but a stunt. We shall see.

  19. truthaboutthematter says:

    okay very sound points—–I really love your use of rhetoric esp. “cut and run”. However, I do find fault with the overall debate. Is a $50 check worth all the strong arming that Glenn perpetrated? I mean Scott Austin being paraded like an Iranian hostage, the marriage of convenience with the Black caucus i.e. Dunwoody, Glenn “the spend” not allowing any debate and finally the war of words with the same Governor that has stood valiantly by Glenn’s side for years!!! Speaker Richardson better remember who brought him to the dance because if he isn’t careful I would not be surprised to see another broke, drunk, womanizing lawyer roaming the silver comet trail.

  20. eehrhart says:

    Thanks again for making my point.

    Those who have no facts and no leg to stand on usually resort to name calling and personal attacks.

    It is even more impressive when you do it under a psuedonym.

  21. jillchambers says:

    GA Constitution
    Article III, Section V, Paragraph II
    Bills for Revenue. All bills for raising revenue, or appropriating money, shall originate in the House of Representatives.

    This debate is not about spending – it is over control of the budget process.

  22. debbie0040 says:

    The Senate needs to over ride the Veto!!! That money should go back to the tax payers not put in a “fund” that the government will use later on.

    If you overpay for services, you expect a refund. The tax payers in this state over funded the government and are entitled to a refund. If the government keeps it, it will be spent on pet projects.

    GOP voters will not remember much about how the House did originally present a budget full of pork. They will remember the House changing their minds and voting to over ride the veto and trying to send the money back to the tax payers. They will remember Lt. Gov. Cagle holding a press conference touting the tax cut then refusing to allow a vote to over ride the Governor’s veto on the tax cut.

    I believe the Lt. Governor and the State Senators to be a great leaders. They need to step forward and show the type of leadership they showed when they stood up for property rights when the NRA bill came up.

    It is time to fish or cut bait for Lt. Gov. Cagle and the State Senators. Do you really want to be remembered as voting against a tax cut? If you refuse to over ride the veto, then you are in essence voting against a tax cut.

  23. Donkey Kong says:

    “Speaker Richardson better remember who brought him to the dance because if he isn’t careful I would not be surprised to see another broke, drunk, womanizing lawyer roaming the silver comet trail.”

    Truth, I like to be cynical and snarky too, sometimes to a fault–I’m sure you’ve seen me do it in my other posts. But your incessant personal attacks against the Speaker make it much more difficult to bring me around to your points. Maybe if you toned down the rhetoric a bit, we (I) might be a little more receptive to your points.

    My 2 cents, likely overvalued.

  24. truthaboutthematter says:

    Rep. I merely learned name calling and shallow attacks from your leader……Back to more important things When did we all become so gullible that we call a $50 tax rebate a tax cut? I bought it at first, but it is clear that this is just pure politics. I mean Glenn and his lieutenants want some campaign commercial to state we gave blank number of dollars for a tax cut. It is terribly short sighted policy. The more admirably thing would be to save the money and have reserve so that next session we can do a big tax reform. But for a flipping campaign commercial, Glenn has alienated the Governor, sold his soul to the black caucus, bullied elected officials, and promised pork project after pork project next session. STOP the bloodshed immediately. We need responsible leaders like Casey Cagle and Governor Perdue……oh yeah Glenn-AGL resources called they have a hotel suite and a cute blonde waiting……also they asked if you were going to “play ball” next session?……Note: don’t worry if you don’t understand you will be reading about it soon!

  25. truthaboutthematter says:

    You are right I do need to cut down on the rhetoric. I apologize and will try and restrain myself in the future……Glenn “the spend” Richardson just rubs me the wrong way.

  26. Donkey Kong says:


    You’re a pathetic weasel. I’ve dealt with pricks like you long enough to know that you most often attack the good people.

    Can I propose a vote that we cast liesaboutthematter off the island? Regardless, I would be thrilled if Mr. Stokes introduced a beer bottle to the head of liesaboutthematter.

  27. Donkey Kong says:


    Check the IP address of truthaboutthematter. His first post was 5:05 pm, shortly after the poser, eeriehart, was booted. I went back about a week or two of posts and didn’t find anything by truth before his 5:05 post. Just want to make sure our little friend hasn’t tried to return again.

  28. Icarus says:

    With all due respect Rep. Ehrart,

    After attempting to force the Senate to accept pork spending in the supplemental budget, Speaker Richardson issued the following press release:

    The House position all along has been that we wanted to give money back to the people of Georgia, whether that be in the form of needed local projects such as economic development, natural resource preservation, or local infrastructure improvements. When it became clear that the Senate did not share our point of view and still wanted to shift the same amount of funding to the ’08 budget, we decided to refund the money directly back to the taxpayers,” said Richardson. “We thank the Senate for seeing our point of view.”

    Sir, the idea that giving money back to the people “in the form of needed local projects” is the opposite of conservatism. It says that government knows how to spend money better than the citizens, voters, and taxpayers. It’s just wrong.

    You guys in the house have finally arrived at the right side of the issue. You should thank Lt. Gov. Cagle and the Senate for getting you there. And the two legislative bodies should work together to explain to our Governor (who still doesn’t get it) that the voters of Georgia want real fiscal responsibility, either in the form of real tax cuts, or if necessary, boosting the State’s reserves.

  29. Donkey Kong says:


    In general, I agree with you. What’s frustrating is that the Senate has now descended from their previous viewpoint. The way I look at it, I give the House credit for seeing that they were wrong and taking up the Senate’s position. Now, I’m disappointed for the Senate backing down. But originally, I think the Senate’s position was the more conservative of the two.

  30. eehrhart says:

    No respect needed Icarus.

    OK Thanks to all who brought us to tax relief. Including the lt. Guv.

    It was the House intiative for the tax relief so there is plenty of credit to be shared.

    Now lets STAY THERE !!!

    We shall see who was sincere very soon.

    Stay tuned there will be serious tax reform proposed by the Speaker next year when the study is complete.

  31. Icarus says:

    Sir, you are entitled to the respect of the office you have attained, and for further subjecting yourself to the blogs. The respect is sincere and deserved, even when I don’t agree with you.

    I appreciate your above comments, and agree with them. I think the leaders of both the House and Senate would be better served, and more importantly, better serve the people of Georgia, if they would tone down the rhetoric, agree on a fiscally responsibly solution, and pass it with a veto-proof majority.

    Then the Governor can chew on it for 8 months, and decide if he wants to be part of the problem or part of the solution the next time the legislature gets together.

  32. Donkey Kong says:

    “Stay tuned there will be serious tax reform proposed by the Speaker next year when the study is complete.”

    One BIG thing we should credit the Speaker with is bringing in my hero, Art Laffur. Laffer is one of the most prominent supply-side economists in the world. His firm is conducting a study on how to improve the state of Georgia economically. IMHO, the Speaker could not have picked a better person to bring in. I’m eager to learn the results of his study.

  33. Misunderestimitated says:

    Its good to have Reps on here explaining their position.

    I truly don’t get Sonny’s position. To paraphrase “I am calling a Special Session to re-do the 07 Supplemental that I vetoed. However, I haven’t actually vetoed it, so you can’t override it.”

    I know he says “the clock re-starts”, but come on. Tom Murphy and his group wrote this Constitution back in ’83. There ain’t know way they wrote it in such a way as to allow the Governor to veto a bill and make it impossible for the originating body in the Legislature (in this case the House) to override the veto and work its will.

    If the lawyers figure this out and the House overrides, then it gets transmitted to the Senate, and according to the Constitution the Senate “shall” act on the override. They can’t duck out.

    Let’s save the taxpayers some more money and override on day one and be done with it.

  34. Holly says:

    I agree with Icarus. Rep. Ehrhart, Rep. Chambers, Sen. Douglas, and the rest deserve our respect for being around PP and commenting to us. We’re not always easy on the ego, so bravo to them.

  35. Shakin the bush boss says:

    I hope the adults return when the special session begins. The children have been playing long enough without supervision.

  36. bowersville says:

    The intern plays the Scarlet Pimpernel and attempts to save the Speaker from the guillotine.

    Then has grand allusions of being a heavy handed Huey P. Long, and gets marched to the woodshed instead.

  37. Whosthereallapdog? says:

    So Cagle is Sonny’s lapdog huh? I want to know who is really getting led by the leash…could it be that the Speaker is actually being directed by his Lieutenants? Let’s be honest the speaker is no conservative. He helped introduce the largest tax increase in GA history. And now he is a bomb throwing, quote machine, conservative? The Speaker would have not even thought of a tax rebate if he had not been out foxed by Cagle and the Senate (was the tax cut even his idea?). But because Casey and the Senate cut the pork out of the house budget they had to try and get the egg off their face. If they really want the egg of their faces and to be real fiscal conservatives the Speaker and the house need to make any tax cuts that are given permanent!

    Personally I think that ever since the Speaker beat the “I hooked up with a hot lobbyist” story he thinks he is bullet proof. The people of GA are just lucky that we have a LG like Casey that really cares about cutting pork…not porking lobbyist.

  38. eehrhart says:

    I see the Poseur is back!

    So brave to say such things hiding behind a psuedonym.

    Try facts they are much better than personal attacks.

  39. rightofcenter says:

    A message to the all posters, both elected and non-elected, those operating under psuedonyms and actual names:
    1) I really don’t like the way some claim to represent “true conservatism” or that their ideas or methods are more conservative than someone else’s. If you would rather be “conservative” than right, you are by definition an ideologue and should be working for a think-tank instead of trying to be “representative” of the people.

    2) This entire dust-up is the kind of stuff that politicos love and the general public hates. The only winners in this entire process are the Democrats who actually look like adults in the process.

    3) As much as I like to see comments from representatives and/or senators, I think it is demeaning and beneath the dignity of the offices for them to get in public “pissing” contests with those they disagree. I would recommend Rep. Chamber’s comments above for those who would like to see the proper way for an elected official to engage in a blog like this.

  40. Doug Deal says:

    Erick should just revoke the use of pseudonymns for free and open discussion, and require standards and moderator approval and for posts that use them.

    Then, people can still post using a pseudonymn, but not throw off innuendos and drive resort to drive by attacks.

  41. jsm says:

    James Mills told me that when this whole battle started over the supplemental, the House sent a list of the ’07 Supplemental projects to the Senate and asked that they put a “P” by every project that they considered to be pork. He said the Senate wouldn’t do it.

    Although this debate is curbing the volume of pork in the supplemental process, it hasn’t killed it all. It also appears, from the continuing battle, that pork will never be eliminated in Georgia. I hope I’m wrong.

  42. Doug Deal says:

    As long as politicians make successful political ads that use the trusty formula “I brought to ” pork will always be a problem.

    Maybe if the voters started voting against people who run on what goodies are brought home, it would stop.

    Once again, we all get the government we deserve.

  43. Jace Walden says:

    So Cagle is Sonny’s lapdog huh?

    It would seem as though he turned into Sonny’s Lapdog. But remember, the ENTIRE House of Representatives used to be Sonny’s Lapdog until they finally decided to do something right.

    I agree with you that Richardson is no conservative. For that matter, neither is Sonny Perdue. But, in this one case, Casey, not Glenn, has become the lap dog.

  44. Whosthereallapdog? says:

    Just a theory…but is the real reason the House is all of the sudden less willing to compromise not because of their new found fiscal conservatism, but really a power play by Keen and Burkhalter. Remember the rumors of Burkhalter toying with the idea of challenging the speaker before the story of the speaker and the lobbyist hit the airwaves. Are Burkhalter and Keen pulling strings behind the scene to lay the foundations for a 08 challenge of the Speaker? Do they have more dirt on the speaker?

    The big picture is more disturbing for real GOPers because the situation could rip the party apart. The Dems have to be loving this. Glenn thinks he should be the Gov in 2010 when Cagle is the only one who has shown the leadership to be the Gov in 2010. Glenn has proven that he lacks the coalition building skills within his own house to be a real leader. I wonder how much support he would have if he didn’t hold fundraising help and leadership positions over the heads of members in his caucus. You don’t hear the same being said of Cagle on the Senate side.

  45. bowersville says:

    If whosthereallapdog’s comment is any where near the truth, and there is a move on to crush the Speaker over the Speaker’s opposition, the House will not be an independent body in Georgia government in the foreseeable future. The Senate won’t either. Both will be nothing but a rubber stamp.

    If the House bows to this type of pressure, rest assured, the politics of Huey P. Long is at hand. Long was described by the Washington Post “as the most dangerous man to engage in American politics,” and destroyed those that opposed him.

    If the GOP leadership is engaged in this type of personal destruction due to the Speaker’s opposition, it does not matter that the Democrats are loving it, because the leadership will be the ones destroying the essence of what the party stands for.

    Under whosthereallapdog’s scenario, it will not matter who your Representative or Senator is. They, fearful of reprisal, will have absolutely no independence in representation.

    If this is to be the case, there is no need for the legislative branch of government.

  46. tony r says:

    I’m beginning to think that whois is really a staffer for cagle….probably brad alexander or that weird blonde girl who hangs ot with him I guess his political staffer.

    No one looks good in all this disaster. Cagle, glenn, sonny, they’re all a bunch of fools here. Please johnny run!!!!

  47. Demonbeck says:

    I thought the 08 budget had all of the “pork” funding from the 07 Amended. Is that not the case?

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