More bad news for the AJC.

Rumors are that circulation will be down again at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

One of those sources tells us that the AJC will beat the pack — and record a 5 percent drop in Sunday circulation. No word yet on what the daily numbers will show.

The newspaper industry has long been in a cycle of decimating news staffs — as the AJC did recently, pushing senior staffers (as in those who know shit from Shinola) out the door. The quality of the papers plunges, and then publishers scratch their heads and wonder why droves of readers are refusing to read the daily rags.

Expect the AJC to acknowledge any circulation losses, but gloss them with sophistry about online readership.

It’s not just the AJC, it’s most newspapers. Editor and Publisher says:

According to industry sources, overall daily circulation for the six months ending March 2007 is expected to sink approximately 2.5% while Sunday will drop around 3.0%.

I don’t agree with Sugg’s conclusion that poor quality is causing the continued drop in circulation. I attribute it to two factors: 1) more people enjoy getting their news online and that trend will continue and 2) approval of the press in general is even lower than approval of Congress of the President (and that’s pretty low).


  1. Chris says:

    I’ve decided that the so called “unbiased journalism” is a joke and should be done away with.

    The justification for that will take longer to write than I have time for right now.

  2. dingleberry says:


    There is no such thing as “unbiased journalism”.

    As evidence, I present the FoxNews Channel.

  3. Will Hinton says:

    Buzz: There absolutely is a quality problem with the AJC in particular. When was the last time you saw a well-written in depth piece of reporting in the AJC that wasn’t sports related? The quality of the reporting and writing is horrific. The shame of it is that there are plenty of talented writers at the AJC. But management decisions over the years have dictated moving towards the “USA Today” model of insipid poorly written blurbs with lots of pictures and graphics.

    Add to that the fact that the AJC is rarely timely. I often see “breaking news” on that I had read about on other site two or three days previous.

  4. buzzbrockway says:


    You may be correct, but I suspect if you asked people who’ve canceled their subscription you wouldn’t hear poor quality as one of the reasons.

  5. Will Hinton says:

    Buzz: what would the other reasons be? “Liberal bias”? I actually find that charge rather ridiculous. The poor quality at the AJC sticks out way more than any bias.

  6. John Douglas says:

    With their dangerous and irresponsible front page reporting this morning on the state patrol being absent from I 20 west during the evening hours, they deserve whatever is coming their way. Why not just give the drug runners a green light? I wont even go into their anti military reporting, just suffice it to say, Goodbye!

  7. Skeptical says:

    Now now Mr. Douglas, perhaps the GA State patrol is working overtime on I20 East. Or at least they should be as you passed my one morning not too very long ago like I was sitting still and I was doing 80.

    And anti-military reporting? Oh you mean actually daring to report that there are casualties and that things are in the craper over in our Iraqnam?

    Look on the bright side – you always have the NY Post and Fox News for your “unbiased” information.

  8. truthaboutthematter says:

    The ole liberal problem solving in action…….uh oh they are attacking our institutions so………BLAME FOX NEWS

  9. DavidAtlanta says:

    The business model of a newspaper doesn’t work anymore. Why pay for a paper version of yesterday’s news when you can get today’s news for free online? That’s why newspapers are losing circulation. The idea of news printed on paper is going the way of the milk man and the telegraph.

  10. joe says:


    In 1963 I got my first paper route. I have been addicted to reading the local newspaper since then. The last two years, I have been without a subscription. The AJC (online) published a story about “”Ex-Marine kills pregnant teen”. The real story had to do with a gang that attacked somebody who escaped, and when they chased him down, he used trainining gained in the Marines to disarm the assailants, killing one.

    That was the last day I read the AJC. When I travel, I read the local paper cover to cover. I have subscribed to papers in 15 cities, four states and three countries. I served you as a US Army soldier for over twenty years, and part of what I was defending was your (and the AJC’s) right to spout garbage. I just won’t pay to read it.

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