Attack of the Poseur

Rep. Ehrhart left a comment in the post about the Senate caving in which he said the General Assembly need to override the Governor’s veto.

Someone then came on Peach Pundit and created a new account by the name of “eeriehart.” Writing a post to sound like Rep. Ehrhart, the poseur then made several points flying in the face of everything rep. Ehrhart had said and demanded that the General Assembly not override the Governor.

No big deal except the poseur’s IP address is 167.192.150.xx, which belongs to the State of Georgia.

Note to poseur: you legislators (and the Governor’s office) are free to get into a fight in the comments here at PP, but we don’t really like it when you don’t try for originality with your screen name. Your comment is deleted. Come back as someone else and, please note, Rep. Ehrhart uses his real name.