Savannah now ‘boomtown.’

According to Inc. Magazine:

Business is booming in Savannah.

So says Inc. magazine, which puts Savannah at No. 10 in midsize cities on its “Boomtowns 2007” list of the hottest business towns. The new listing puts the city up considerably from a ranking of 49th in 2006.

To compile the list for Inc., Michael Shires, a professor of public policy at Pepperdine University, examined job-growth data supplied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on 393 U.S. metropolitan areas. The ranking puts the focus on job growth, which Inc. said it believes is the best measure of economic vitality.

“Savannah’s job growth has been huge, going from 2.9 percent in 2004-2005 to 3.4 percent,” said Joel Kotkin, economic development analyst and Inc. contributing editor. “Strong growth suggests that an economy is expanding – which means plenty of opportunity.”

I was in Savannah a few weeks ago and attended the Chatham GOP’s breakfast meeting. Speaking was the head of the Metropolitan Planning department who laid out some of the plans to handle growth. According to their projections, Savannah will add about 850,000 people over the next twenty years, IIRC. So, yes, Savannah is a boomtown.