Public housing protests

Remind me again why we apologized for eugenics? Stuff like this drives me irrationally crazy.

The protest was intended to focus attention on two issues: a requirement that able-bodied residents of public housing either work 30 hours a week or attend school; and the pending demolition of the last remaining public housing projects, which are to be replaced with mixed-income communities.

How about this: if you are that damn lazy, get out of the house my money helped build and starve. If you want everything from society and don’t actually want to participate, please hop a buss to Savannah, tie three cinder blocks around you, and walk due east toward the rising sun. Keep walking. Don’t stop at the waters edge.


  1. Common Sense says:

    So if the husband works and the mother stays home to take care of the infiant child they shouldn’t be allowed to keep their public housing?

  2. Erick says:

    Oh, I think that would be acceptable Common Sense, but that is not really the totality of the protest. Some people just don’t want to work.

  3. Nicki says:

    “Remind me again why we apologized for eugenics? ”

    Um, ’cause breeding people like cattle is wrong. Duh.

    And congratulations on making a potentially legitimate post into a racist screed.

    And was this post written by a 6 year-old?

  4. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Nicki, are you always wound this tight, or do you just check your sense of humor in at the door?

  5. Donkey Kong says:

    “Um, ’cause breeding people like cattle is wrong. Duh.”

    Well I’ll be. That’s not what them folk at the university learned me. They says we ain’t nothin but a buncha hounddawgs.

    “And was this post written by a 6 year-old?”

    Nicki, I’ve never met you, but you sure don’t sound like a 6 year old.

    😉 Nothin but love.

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