Paging the Governor

“Lead on this issue. Govern. If you just get off your high mule and reach out . . .you might be surprised”

Dear Sonny,

You could just not call a Special Session. After all, FY’08 begins on July 1. There is not a lot of time between now and then. To call a real special session, you pretty much are going to have to call one within the next twenty or so days, which means the legislature will be back before having been adjourned for 40 days. They might just override your veto.

Sonny, you’ve been absent this entire session. It’s time to buck up and lead again. Better to be accused of micromanaging than being accused of AWOL. Why don’t you unveil a stop gap ’07 budget supplemental in the next ten days. Vet it with the House and Senate leadership. Give them an acceptable plan that protects PeachCare, minimizes the impact on teachers and police, and gives a little back to the taxpayers.

Lead on this issue. Govern. If you just get off your high mule and reach out to Glenn, Casey, and the House and Senate leadership, you might be surprised by their reaction. They might actually embrace your plan with minor tweaks to put their own seal of approval on your proposal.

If you don’t, they are just going to override and you are going to be a lame duck.

Get in the game, my friend. It’s yours to win and yours to lose.



  1. Skeptical says:

    Lookey here SonnyBubba – the morning traffic in the downtown area just became bearable again. Please don’t call a special session this summer. C’mon! I’m counting down the days until finals for GSU. Don’t make me add one more thing to my list of reasons to truly despise you.

  2. LymanHall says:

    Get in the mind of Sonny. He got accidently elected. Then, he was re-elected based on not doing anything (excepts taking ridiculous photo ops such as ringmaster, arena league football player, and cycler). Sonny thinks he wins when he doesn’t do anything–he even said as much the night he won re-election. Should we really be surprised that his biggest priority is boat ramps and he “leadership style” is no participation (“Let the legislature do their work”) followed by a tantrum-like veto? We got what we voted for–we voted for a mascot. He’s a good mascot, but he’s not a “governor” in the truest sense of the word. Hopefully, he’ll go back to taking pictures playing cards with a skeleton and let the General Assembly do the heavy lifting in this state.

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