Senate Has The Votes (And Will) To Override

“How worried is Sonny? He’s having a private, closed door meeting tomorrow afternoon with a handful of conservative senators to beg. . .”

Americans for Prosperity has already been pressuring its members to pressure the members’ legislators to override the veto.

The House is commited to overriding the veto again.

I’m being told by multiple Democrat and Republican Senators that the Senate has a majority of both parties willing to override the Governor’ veto. In fact, I hear pretty much all of the Republicans are in favor of it at this point except the Governor’s three floor leaders.

How worried is Sonny?

He’s having a private, closed door meeting tomorrow afternoon with a handful of conservative senators to beg/strong arm them to unburn Sonny’s bridge and work to stop an override.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that if the House and Senate are united in the override, Sonny won’t have much of an argument in court. Also, someone ought to look at the date next to Sonny’s name on the veto override. I hear there might be an issue no one paid attention to. There was a big picture of it on the front of the AJC last Friday.


  1. Chris says:

    a handful of conservative senators to beg/strong arm them to unburn Sonny’s bridge and work to stop an override.

    Right, because Sonny’s gonna have the support of the conservative ones….


  2. LeftofCenter says:

    How worried is Sonny? This would be a huge PR nightmare for the General Assembly. They would bear the sole responsibility for laying off 200 teachers and criminal prosecutors. I think the public will side with the Governor.

  3. bowersville says:

    The huge PR nightmare for the GOP is 2-3+ million irate property owners who will not receive their share a $142 million tax cut and rebate as it currently stands.

    It’s a shame the 200 teachers & prosecutors are caught up in this, but that need should have been addressed in the FY 08 budget.

    The big loser in this is Perdue, the 1st Republican Governor since re-construction, that vetoed a $142 million tax cut.

    No one will remember the 200, but they will hear from the 2-3+ million come election day.

  4. LeftofCenter says:

    Please. First the 200 teachers was an FY07 issue that came up during the year. So there was no option to handle it Fy08. Get your facts straight.

    And how much will the tax cut really help the average citizens? Second, why should home owners be the beneficiary? Millions rent in this state and are getting screwed under that proposal. Third, is this just a gimmick or will it become standard policy to return money to the citizens via the amended budget?

    And if the GOP really cared that much, they wouldn’t have filled the FY08 budget with so much pork. They would have been conservative with the funding and then tried to implement a real tax cut.

  5. bowersville says:

    1st. Were the 200 in the 07 Supplemental that was vetoed.

    2nd. I can be a S/A too. Why wasn’t the cash shortfall anticipated for the 200 by the Department planners in their Program Based
    Budgeting plan.

    3rd. Why should property owners benefit? It’s a start that was approved by the Senate and House.

    4th. It should become standard policy that excess money beyond the yearly fiscal budget be returned to the taxpayer. That return can come in several forms; direct refunds, lowering taxes, paying down bond debt, rainy day fund, etc.

    5th. The supplemental funds are there because Georgia is Constitutionally required to operate in the black and there happens to be lower than anticipated tax intake. The money isn’t there for pork, despite what has been traditional.

    6th. As far as the FY 08 pork, the budget has not been publicly released. If there is pork, it will be debated and hopefully avoided in the future by Republicans holding their elected officials accountable.

    7th. What is a real tax cut, $142 million isn’t chump change.

  6. LymanHall says:

    Democratic Senators, not “Democrat Senators.” Even the President got it right yesterday outside of Marine One.

  7. LymanHall says:

    If the Senate overrides now, doesn’t that just make them look stupid and wasteful? They could have overrode the veto on Sine Day and saved us taxpayers the cost of a special session.

  8. LeftofCenter says:

    1. No the funds were not in the AFY07 budget. The Senate had the brilliant idea of funding Fy07 expenses in FY08 which isn’t allowed and would have produced an audit finding.

    2. The change occurred mid-year due to a reduction in federal funds the state receives. Then the policy was changed as to how the agency receives those funds. Their hands were tied. They started raising that particular issue back in September looking for help.

    3-4. I am sure we all could debate that until we are blue in the face.

    And the FY08 budget has been released. It can be accessed a number of ways. Several agencies are really fat right now while legislators missed the opportunity to fund things that are truly needed in the state.

  9. Booray says:


    Democrat Senators. Democrat Senators. Democrat Senators.

    Just because you want to appropriate a helpful title does not mean you get to. If one runs as a Democrat, he/she is a Democrat Senator, just like if one runs as a Republican, he/she is a Republican Senator.

    Insisting on this ridiculous “Democratic” thing makes about as much sense as GOP types insisting on being called “Republicanetic.”


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