1. Bull Moose says:

    Delegate here. I would support a show of solidarity with House and Senate Republicans by walking out.

  2. John Galt says:

    The best revenge will come in 2008 if conservatives get behind a kindred spirit and put a real Republican in the Gov’s Mansion. I’m not sure Cagle or Richardson is that person.

    Run, Lynn, Run?

  3. Donkey Kong says:

    I don’t know. I’m not sure I like the message it sends. This interparty bickering needs to end ASAP.

  4. Donkey Kong says:

    Westmoreland? I can’t get over the fact he couldn’t recite the 10 Commandments on Colbert. It wouldn’t be a big deal to me except he is supposedly such a conservative Christian stalwart.

    Run, Kingston, Run.g

  5. BB says:

    Better yet…one side of the room hold up signs that read, “Who vetoed the tax cut” — Other side of the room screams “Sonny Did”!

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Well, if Sonny would LISTEN TO THE PARTY the interparty fued would end… It’s pretty simple.

  7. gatormathis says:

    I’m an alternate…………

    it’d let me move up……

    that way I could see better…..


    The best revenge is if we screw this oppurtunity up and the democrats regain the control. This car ain’t even got the motor broke-in yet, and we already talking about trading it.

    As we begin the “jousting” for control towards the next governor’s race, those jousting better remember.

    It’s a fine line you walk from not making enough noise, to making to much.

    Starting these kind of shenanigans this early in the election is sure gonna make for some possibility of last minute new and fresh faces popping in. No baggage and can come from either side of the ailse.

    Sonny pulled a hefty percent, so all those saying he didn’t know what he was doing, can be ready when the next person comes along that strikes the people’s “notion”.

    Folks are usually real hard on people they’ve heard to much from, didn’t like their mannerisms, ways, or any other reason a voter marks you off their
    “pull” list.

    But most of all, please keep up with, and report freely how all this comes about. It will be interesting info to know. Surely we will want any one responsible to get proper credit.

    Plus if I take off, and burn this high-priced gas to come to Atlanta, and pay my money to come to the Convention, I expect a Convention.

    I been to some dang good ones, met a lot of new people. I ain’t coming up there to argue, fuss, and fight. I’m coming to the REPUBLICAN Convention.

    Besides, if the little beer bottle busting on the back of the head bassard is there, somebody point him out to me. Make sure he don’t get behind me while I’m in Atlanta to have a good time.

    Now lemme me go back and see what they done found out on this fella.

  8. Chris says:

    If Sonny persists on bullying fiscal conservatives in the Senate, and their new-found friends in the House, then I think a walk-out might be appropriate.

    However, you’ll recall we were bashing the House not a few weeks ago for the same thing, and Cagle and the Senate’s leadership showed them the light.

    Lets see how Sonny does with this special session before we disown him.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    I agree with John Galt about Westmoreland. He has to be sitting back laughing watching Cagle and Richardson attack each other.

    As for the walkout, I think there are better ways of sending Gov. Perdue a message. We could pass a “Tax Payers Bill of Rights” resolution at the convention that says any government surplus should be returned to the tax payers.

    A walkout would be cause the Dems and press to say that we are divided. It will embolden the Dems.

    I think we should see what the Governor does in the Special Session. He may have changed his mind about the veto.

  10. Holly says:

    I like the idea of a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

    The Dems already think we’re divided, and they are anticipating cashing in on all of this. You’ve seen the recent comments that Bobby Kahn has made here, as well as others.

    But the thing is, if those in Atlanta had simply rubber stamped the spending, then we’d have the same situation on our hands that they have in Washington, where the Dems could say that the GOP has lost its principles. That considered, I think the feud will end up making the state GOP healthier once it’s resolved, and unlike our national comrades, the Georgia GOP will remain true to its roots.

    Now that I’ve said all that, I’m going to semi-hijack the thread. Could we have a PP gathering at the convention? I’d like to meet those of you I don’t know.

  11. JRM2016 says:

    What is badly needed is a summit between all interested parties prior to the Convention so that hopefully the GOP train can be put back on track. A convention walkout will not, in my opinion, do much to change the conversation. It will enrage the Governor and make the folks at the AJC happy.

    Better perhaps to push a resolution to the floor about the concerns expressed in this and earlier threads and get a debate on it?

    I second Holly’s motion for a PP Caucus at some point during the Convention.

  12. drjay says:

    i do not like the idea of a walkout–regardless of who did what and how aggravated folks might be-the media would jump all over that and make us look like a bunch of whiny brats and spoiled children–there are other ways to express displeasure–someone could even present a resolution expressing concern about the veto that would be less disruptive than a walkout and still get the point across-the state convention is just too public a forum for the party to have a family squabble of that magnitude–and i am a delegate as well

  13. StevePerkins says:

    Peach Pundit is WAAAAAAAAY to fickle and knee-jerk. Just a month or two ago, Sonny was being floated around here for an ’08 Vice Presidential nomination. I reminded people of that last week during the cries for Sonny’s recall, and people disbelieved that such threads had ever been posted until I liked directly to them.

    Last week, Cagle was being built up as a hero for showing poise beyond his experience… steering the ship well during the budget process, and defusing the NRA situation. On Friday, he was being ripped to shreds as a scumbag and lapdog. Saturday morning, the Peach Pundit threads were talking him up and singing his praises again. Now he’s back to being bashed alongside Sonny.

    When the dust clears and smoke settles, you guys aren’t walking out of squat. All you’re going to accomplish by talking up the idea is making you look like chumps when you back down and fall back in line. Just to be clear, I’m not trying to goad you into doing it… I’m just suggesting that you be less knee-jerk and reactionary about throwing such things out there in the first place.

  14. SpaceyG says:

    Steve: Do you really think PPers will do anything more than sit around enjoying their own lipflap? They’re bloggers mostly, remember. The smartest, laziest people you will ever want to meet. They don’t “walkout” anywhere, ‘cept over to the bar of course.

    Can liberals come to the convention? To “caucus” with the PP folk at least? I promise to leave all my cameras out there in the trunk of my car.

  15. GAWire says:

    Steve, how many times do I have to explain to you that the PP front pagers have never come close to supporting Sonny for anything higher than the GA Gov office?!? Hell, many of us were critical of some of his actions and policies during the campaign. Did we support him for re-election? Absolutement. Would the majority of us ever be so naive to think he could hold national office (i.e. VP, POTUS)? Give me a break.

    Just b/c some commenters said some things doesn’t mean we were floating around anything.

    The only thing we “float around” as SpaceyG appropriately points out is our butts over to the bar for another beer.

    In terms of the convention, I can’t think of a bigger circle jerk. Seriously, I would rather sit on a hard surfaced floor watching paint dry on a brick wall rather than participate in such an absurd activity. Who needs a walkout? I say just no one show up at all. Is that cynical enough for ya?

  16. jsm says:

    I’m a delegate. I think the walkout would be a very strong statement, and I think it would hurt more than help our party.

    I mentioned in another thread that I plan to show up with a sign that says “Stop the Pork” on one side and “Cut Spending” on the other to hold up during speeches. If Republicans will put their thoughts in words and hold up them up on signs while Sonny, Saxby, Johnny, and others who have missed the boat are speaking, I believe the message would come across quite clearly.

    I also like the idea of a PP gathering at the convention.

  17. Holly says:

    Okay, I think we’re deciding more and more here that the resolution is the way to go. I find that less rude than a walkout, plus I think it’s more likely to do some good.

    And Spacey, the way the conventions are set up, we couldn’t really meet during it. I was thinking perhaps before on Friday night or after on Saturday afternoon.

    Lastly, GAWire, I think not showing up doesn’t help. It’s our party, so how do we change it if we don’t participate? The answer is that we can’t.

  18. blazer says:

    I’ve been thinking that same thing everytime Peach endorsed Fred Thompson… “Nooo, not my candidate, I wanted him to win!!! Go endorse Mitt or something Peach” 🙂

  19. dingleberry says:

    I think the same thing too. I can’t support any candidate that GOPeach supports. Now, I know some of you are thinking “but, GOPeach supported Sonny”…exactly.

  20. Chris says:

    I like PP gathering.
    I like Resolution supporting TABOR (SR20!)
    I like Fred
    I like Lynn
    I’m going to get a cookie now

  21. Brian from Ellijay says:

    IN the words of some famous dead politician “Is there anything that you are not for” Chris. 🙂

    Anywho, not showing up is not the answer nor should it even be an option.

    For example, I bet Peach tells everything that happens there (especially in regards to CC) and no one ever sees her.

  22. Chris says:

    IIRC the joke correctly:

    “Some of my friends support this measure, some of my friends oppose this measure. I stand with my friends”

  23. Chris says:

    How do I owe you cookies? You came to the dark side? I’ll need to see your transfer papers first?

  24. gmcdaniel85 says:

    I can see the introduction now…

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you the first Governor elected as a Republican since Reconstruction, the ‘Honorable’ Sonny Purdue! For those of you who do not find the pork rinds now being passed out pleasing to the your taste, please join me in the foyer for cookies.” 🙂

  25. Holly says:

    Actually, I’m thinking my ADD is acting up and making cookies seems like a far better idea than what I was trying to do previously (aside from comment here).

    See, I had to motivate myself to make them. I think cookies now, work later is best for all involved.

    Yes, I’ll share.

  26. Icarus says:


    I’ll probably still support Fred Thompson, though, even if Chris won’t share his cookies.

  27. Icarus says:


    If I’ve got to drive through Gwinnett county traffic, are we talking Chips Ahoy, Mrs. Feilds’, or special brownies? (oh wait, the brownies were at the libertarian event…)

  28. Holly says:

    Mmm, Betty Crocker from scratch. . . the old recipe, not the new-fangled, better for you mess. If I’m going to eat cookies, they might as well be the real deal.

    Sadly, I’m out of chocolate chips, and I am not making a Kroger run at 10:30. Cookies are postponed until tomorrow.

  29. GOPeach says:

    Okay that does it!
    I have HAD it with the snarky comments from you boys. I ought to whoop your fannies.

    I was pulling for Dawn Strickland and she won!
    I pulled for Angela Speirs and she won!

    I WAS a NEWT supporter when he lost 3 times
    before winning… Now then…

    Just because I was a huge C-Biscuit fan, and
    remain so without appology, does not mean
    I kissed FRED to death.

    I predict:

    Fred Thompson – President
    Lynn Westmoreland – GA Gov
    Paul Broun- 10th Congressman
    C-Biscuit – State House


  30. GOPeach says:

    Hey- hummmm

    I have an idea…

    If my endorsement is the kiss of death-
    I hereby declare myself to be Bill Simon’s camapaign manager! LOL

  31. Holly says:

    What’s Bill running for?

    And I’m morbidly curious. . . How did you choose Paul Broun as your candidate of choice?

  32. GOPeach says:

    Holly — the B.S thing is a joke… I just could not resist. LOL

    As you may have gathered I am a Social Conservative AS WELL AS a Fiscal Conservative. I always back those who are Pro-Life. ( so there is no way I could really actually back Bill Simon)….

    I have been around much longer than most of the bloggers on here. We did not have blogging when I was real active in the party. I worked on Mack Mattingly’s campaign when he unseated Joe Frank Harris etc…

    Now, I worked with Dr. Paul Broun when he founded the Republican Assembly -a conservative branch of the Republican Party.
    Dr. Broun is an outstanding statesman. I am really hoping he gains the support of the grassroots. He would be a wonderful congressman.

  33. Chris says:

    If I’ve got to drive through Gwinnett county traffic, are we talking Chips Ahoy, Mrs. Feilds’, or special brownies?

    Bah, If I’m bringing cookies, I’ll make the cookies. My grandmom has an excellent recipie for peanut butter cookies, and I’ve been craving oatmeal cookies for awhile.

  34. Icarus says:

    O.K., Grandma’s peanut butter recipie might motivate me to get a few people signed up for Fred.

  35. jsm says:

    “I ought to whoop your fannies.”

    Peach, this brings back some lively memories of childhood. You sound like my mom when she was on her way out the front door to get a switch.

  36. dingleberry says:


    Will you whoop my fanny? If so, I like it hard. And please, no tricks, give me the big leather belt. That’s how I like it. Oh, can you wear some kind of leather bondage outfit when you do it, too?

  37. gatormathis says:

    Looks like the charge is out for a PP caucus, get together or what ever.

    Erik, as the PP papa, I guess you get to provide the beer pretzels and platform, all we have to do is show up huh?

    How does Fri nite after the functions sound?

    pick a place folks, a time, a format even, and we’ll get the ajc a picture for their insider page…………….lol

    We’ll already be there, and if we wait till Saturday evening, everyone will be leaving.

  38. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Wait, Friday night= hospitality suites

    So it would have to be close, unless they are like last time (Savannah) and they suck. Then that would okay.

    Personally I am hoping for some Columbus style hospitality suites, now those were fun-Isakson provided many a hang overs the next day 🙂

  39. gmcdaniel85 says:

    You might want to be more specific when you say “Columbus style hospitality suites.” I was in Cain’s… we had water, and coffee… There weren’t even any diet cokes in there. :-\

    Erick should host a Depot style event and invite all the Capitol interns 🙂

  40. Icarus says:

    The formula for good hospitality suites (i.e., free booze) usually involves contested and/or open seats. Next election cycle there’s no Governor or Statewide offices, No serious primary challenge to Saxby, and only the 10th congressional district currently in play.

    Therefore, I predict cash bars only.

  41. Chris says:

    Hey, The Speaker and LG are in a war to out do each other in tax and spending cuts – I say we tell them that whoever throws the biggest party gets to be Governor.

  42. gatormathis says:

    Awe it ain’t all that hard. I’m in south Ga, so I’m unfamiliar with the area or what is available

    Buzz or another of you swinging cats in the know, plus in the area, figure out us a place to congregate.

    Hotel bar, lobby, or where ever. Where ever the hosptiatlty suites or where ever the most people will already be.

    Figure what time the suites will be slowing down, then we’ll congregate at the lobby or watering hole at that place, or nearby.

    No need to spend money setting up a special room or event, I think everyone just wants to hang out for a little while for a bit of conversation, and put a face with their fellow “bloggers”.

    We’ll go dutch so as not to burden any one person.

    It’s all in fun, so no need for such formality on a first time event. If all goes well, something a little more “prepared” can be arranged for another time.

    It will be a heckuva lot easier, and probably a lot more productive to piggyback the convention than to try and have a”stand alone” event that we would all have to suffer traveling to and ponying up dough to attend.

    The first thing we need is “interest”, and that already seems to be sufficent.

  43. Chris says:

    we’re on it Gator……

    And this will be the second PP gathering. The first one was in Decatur a year or so ago.

  44. jsm says:

    “Therefore, I predict cash bars only.”

    Check out Sue Everhart’s hospitality suite. She might ask you, however, if you’re staying the night at the hotel or driving somewhere.

  45. drjay says:

    who all is likely to have suites w/ it being an off year??? will saxby? any other statewide officials–or wannabe’s who might be looking to the 2010 races already???

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