1. Erick says:

    No, that one is actually easy because (A) there are historic parliamentary standards involved that would be applied to the interpretation and (B) Georgia’s language mimicked other states doing the same at the time and it is clear from those other states’s constitutional law that it cannot be done.

  2. LeftofCenter says:

    Actually, line item veto hasn’t been challenged since the state went to program based budgeting. Under PBB, budgetary changes are no longer ‘line items.’ Instead, the entire program is the line item. So essentially, to use a line item veto, the Governor would have to eliminate the entire program.

    If he tries a line-item veto expect this to be a huge debate.

  3. Ah yes but we are talking about the supplemental budget. In 2004 (when Oaky Woods was up for sale) he line item vetoed about $25 million in the supplemental, including ~$15 million or so for the entire greenspace program funding. Now maybe that is PBB, but I seem to recall from the articles I read doing research that he also vetoed little things here and there in the supplemental.

    Since he has already vetoed the entire thing, if it is overridden I would guess he can’t go back and pick and choose.

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