Whitehead announces support.

I received an email today from the Jim Whitehead campaign that included this list of endorsements:

Local Leaders
•Gene Hart, County Commissioner
•Dennis Brown, Georgia Soil and Water Commission
•Charles Chapman, Sheriff
•Ricky Cain,County Commissioner

•John Padgett, Chairman Clarke County GOP
•Brian Kemp, Former State Senator

•Ron Cross, County Commission
•Tom Mercer- County Commissioner
•Clay Whittle, Sheriff
•Debbie McCord, Columbia County GOP Chair

•Barry Haston, Sheriff
• Bill Lester, GOP County Chairman

•Brian Burdette, Chairman GOP •Chris Houston, Sheriff

•Jim Butterworth, County Commissioner

•Matt Beasley, Mayor of Hartwell

•Gary Black, Georgia agribusiness Council
•Stan Evans, Sheriff

•Gerald Lawson, Sheriff

•Charlie Newton, County Commissioner
• Logan Marshall, Sheriff

•Scott Berry, Sheriff

•Mike Smith, Sheriff

•Howard Sills, Sheriff

•Mayor Stephen Brett, Sky Valley
•John Dillard, Dillard House

•Bob Young, former Mayor
•Sherry Barnes, GOP Chair

•A. J. Pavliscsak, Vice Mayor of Toccoa

•Gary Rogers, Sheriff

State Senators
State Reps
Don Balfour
John Bulloch
Joseph Carter
Ronnie Chance
Jeff Chapman
Bill Cowsert
John Douglas
Greg Goggans
Johnny Grant
Bill Hamrick
Seth Harp
Lee Hawkins
Bill Heath
Jack Hill
Judson Hill
Eric Johnson
Dan Moody
Jeff Mullis
Jack Murphy
Chip Pearson
Chip Rogers
Nancy Schaefer
Mitch Seabaugh
David Shafer
Preston Smith
Cecil Staton
Don Thomas
Ross Tolleson
Renee Unterman
Dan Weber
John Wiles
Tommie Williams
Steve Tumlin
Bobby Reese
Tom Knox
Allen Peake
Terry England
Tommy Benton
Larry O’Neal
John Meadows
Joe Wilkinson
David Casas
Mark Williams
Tom Graves
Carl Rogers
Mike Keown
Fran Millar
Sharon Cooper
Jon Burns
Doug Collins
Clay Cox
Jim Cole
Ed Setzler
Vance Smith
Barry Fleming
Ben Harbin
Mark Hamilton
Amos Amerson
Burke Day
Melvin Everson
Barbara Sims
Katie Dempsey
Sean Jerguson

Quite an impressive list.

One note to the Whitehead campaign. For some reason the emails I receive have black letters on a black background. Perhaps this is unique to gmail, but I think not as I forwarded the email to another email account I have and the same symptoms were present.


  1. Holly says:

    Word is in and around the campaign that there’s a much longer list forthcoming within the next few days.

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    He just earned my support. I haven’t met any of the candidates or researched them, but many of the state reps that I have come to know and trust endorsed him, including my 6th grade math teacher. Not that my support matters, except that I am a 10th CD voter.

  3. Holly says:

    Spacey, that was just discussed by Erick here on PP not two days ago. You should check out his post.

  4. Donkey Kong says:

    I’m sure he did, and so did I. And, despite being an academic supporter of UGA, I laughed rather hard when he said it. You’re making a big deal of a little joke.

    And, yes, there are many liberals there. Go here to watch the testimony on HB 154–Intellectual Diversity in Higher Education Act, and see testimony from UGA and GT students discussing the political climate on campus.


  5. GOPeach says:

    I would like to see just one time… JUST ONE TIME… the grassroots tell the Big Guys that their endorsments mean nothing.

    I’m sorry… it just seems like a “Miss Congeniality” contest…. It’s the “popular ones” that seem to win.

    I HOPE the 1oth CD will THINK and meet the candidates and pay NO ATTENTION to “endorsements”…

    Spacey – Do democrats play this game like the GOP?

  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Hey Peach, I seem to recall the grassroots (and the majority of other Georgians for that matter) told Ralph Reed loud and clear that his high profile endorsements meant nothing.

  7. Holly says:

    I’ve met all the Republican candidates. I think all but one could probably call my name on sight at this point. They’re nice people.

    Having said that, I still choose my state senator as my candidate of choice. He’s worked hard for the 24th district. I know he’ll do the same in Washington as he’s done in Atlanta.

  8. SpaceyG says:

    GOPeach… I’m not the person to ask. I make just as terrible Democrat as I do a Republican. But I do vote a lot, either way. And can’t say I’ve EVER once voted a particular way because some sheriff, state senator, or , insert guffaw here, a restaurant owner (WTF) happened to like the candidate. In fact, if it’s one of our state senators here in Georgia, I’d be inclined to vote the opposite way of their endorsement, just out of sheer meanness. And from their absurdities this particular session alone.

  9. JayHanley says:

    Good to see the bipartisan support in the district. Sheriffs Chapman, Haston, Lawson, Marshall, Smith, and Rogers are Democrats (or are still listed as such on the Secretary of State’s county officer directory). Sheriff Sills was elected as an indepedent.

    Sheriffs generally carry a lot of clout in the rural counties, so I imagine those endorsements will be an asset to the Whitehead campaign.

  10. atlantaman says:

    I think both Stephens and Kemp had most of elected officials endorsements last year and look what happened to them.

  11. bowersville says:

    Sheriff’s and County Commisioners are in contact with people everyday as well as city council members, vice mayors,etc….In otherwords, they are out talking and voters will ask their opinion about candidates.

    Don’t kid yourself, local officials are elected due to grassroot efforts, and voted out by the same effort. We expect Senators to endorse their own, but voters pay attention to locals in rural areas, because we see and speak to them on a weekly, if not a more often basis.

    Senator Whitehead is on the right track.

    Before I start, this is a joke….Spacey….I’m glad you’re not going to the Dillard House anymore, the food is so good and the lines are long enough as it is! So there, LOL!

  12. GOPeach says:


    Well then maybe all these [ big whoop ] indorsements won’t mean anything to the voters with cerebral political involvement…

    LOL … It it reminds me of ” If you like Giorgio – You’ll like Primo”… LOL Only the Peaches on PP will get that one.

    If you like John Wiles, then you will just LUV Whitehead… even if he is a MOTR- type good ‘ol boy… I just think his name needs popping! I know that is gross… I have raised teenagers and well … we tried to stay clear of whiteheads, black heads and all other skin problems… a good bar of soap usually takes care of it.

    Thanks Spacy. You are funny.

  13. Holly says:

    I think people have explained why the endorsements matter. I think there’s an example on this thread of why they matter.

    But you’re right, Peach. The endorsements mean far less to me than the things Jim Whitehead has done in Atlanta as my state senator.

    However, I’m glad to see Ben, Barry, Barbara, Clay, Ron, Tom, Bob, Debbie, and Sherry on the list. I’d be upset if they weren’t there. I’m disappointed that my commissioner for District 1 isn’t.

  14. Jay too bad for Whitehead that no Georgia voters seem to care about Kemp (see primary) or Black (see General).

    I enjoy watching Republican campaigns roll out the support of all of the “Democratic” sheriffs. These guys have a D next to their name but they have essentially no connection at all to Democratic politics on the local, state or national level.

    Ironically, they feel that endorsing Republicans will help them win their next Democratic primary. How’s that for bizarre.

  15. JayHanley says:

    Chris, I do agree that it is bizarre. Being a Republican, I’d prefer the Sheriffs just switch to the GOP.

    However, I note your party is always quick to note that you still have the majority of Sheriffs in the state. So I guess you want to claim them for numbers sake, but distance yourselves from them when they endorse state Republicans.

    My note about Black and Kemp’s endorsements was just my interest to see that they both endorsed the same candidate in this race.

  16. drjay says:

    i know of at least one georgia sherriff who has stated that he is the only democrat that he has ever voted for

  17. drjay says:

    i would actually be fascinated to hear the history of the columbia gop–they seemed a bit dysfunctional when we were there–we had been fairly active in the augusta gop when we 1st moved–then we bought a house in martinez and were never really able to click w/ the columbia county organization–of course half the folks we tried to work w/ ended up in jail or thrown out of office so maybe it was just us 😉

  18. Holly says:

    No, not just you. To say we had a bad few years would be an understatement, but many of those people you’re referring to were in in Richmond County, not Columbia, I believe. Are you still in Augusta?

  19. drjay says:

    some were augusta, some were columbia–i was a skandalakis volunteer at joey brush’s behest, brush was sharing an office w/ robin williams on columbia rd. at the time no less.

    we are no longer in augusta-we were there for me to go to school

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