Rudy wins 5th District Straw Poll.

Mansell McCord, the GOP’s 5th District Chairman, emailed me the results of their GOP Presidential Straw Poll. They asked for people to pick a first and second choice. The complete results can be seen here, but a quick summary says:

First Choice:
Rudy Giuliani 13 – 30.95%
Fred Thompson 11 – 26.19%
Newt Gingrich 6 – 14.28%

Second Choice:
Rudy Giuliani 11 – 26.29%
Mitt Romney 9 – 21.14%
Fred Thompson 7 – 16.67%


  1. bowersville says:

    I guess 3 out of the 30 TOTAL had no second choice. Why in the world would somebody report 30 votes?

    I guess that’s why they voted twice…hoping for 60. Poor Mitt, it took him 2 ballots to defeat an undeclared candidate.

  2. Louis_Oliverio says:

    I voted in this straw poll. Several delegates at the convention sported “Rudy 2008” stickers and stickers were available for those who wanted them. Rudy’s strength in Georgia clearly is going to be in the heart of Atlanta. I voted in this poll, but it is too early to commit to any candidate.

  3. Know Nothing says:

    Straw Polls are dumb. In the bigger polls, the winner is simply the candidate who can get the most college students at the event.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Don’t they remember that Rudy sacked a Georgia Tech quarterback at the end of the movie? I can’t believe they have already forgiven him for that.

  5. DMZDave says:

    I hate to encourage him but Demonbeck’s Rudy reference was clever.

    The guy who is starting to suck wind is John McCain and to continue to murder metaphors, as an aviator he has to recognize his engine is stalled out. I’m also beginning to get the feeling that while Mitt Romney is raising a lot of money, his campaign is beginning to look a lot like Phil Gramm’s hapless effort – lots of money, well qualified, no support. Thompson is scoring well, he is a great communicator, was a so-so Senator (but Americans historically don’t much care for senators as presidential candidates anyway) and he is certainly capturing the imagination of a lot of people for someone who isn’t even in the race. I like Guiliani because I think he can keep us alive and he refused to me with Al Sharpton (you gotta love that) but Thompson sure is sounding good as well.

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