Wowzer! Atlanta Is Growing In The Wrong Way

Check this out.

Atlanta employs 9,438 people, Mayor Shirley Franklin’s office said last week. When she took office, the total employment was 7,428, which equates to the 27 percent increase. . . .

A CL survey showed that Atlanta’s employment, excluding airport personnel, was 8,803 (we didn’t exclude the sewer workers since almost all cities have major public-works projects underway). That compares with about 6,600 people in Charlotte, 3,500 in Miami and 4,500 in Tampa. The cities have different populations, so the best comparison is to find the number of public employees for each 100,000 population.

Read the whole thing at Creative Loafing. Wow. Of course it’s a good thing that evil white guy Shirley did that phone call against didn’t get elected. That would have been worse than being gunned down in the street during the sixties.

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  1. Bill Simon says:


    To the people like Shirley, JohnEaves, Andy Young, John Lewis, and (probably) ANY black person who works in City Hall, it is unnecessary to use the adjective “evil” when referring to any person who is “white.”

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