1. georgiapatriot says:

    Chapman made a decent compromise. He got three of his four amendments, with the protection of the south end of the Island being the most important of the lot. So, when considering the odds of going against the wishes of the Gov., Lt. Gov, Chair of NR, the President Pro-Temp, the House leadership, and all the alligator shoe lobbyists . . . did I leave anybody out . . . it is great to see what can be accomplished when legislators listen to constituents instead of people who throw around a lot of money and promises. Coastal residents will be watching the Authority closely to ensure the Master Plan serves all of Georgia and not special interests.

  2. georgiapatriot , lets just hope this jewel gets cleaned up. It’s a shame that such a historical asset is allowed to rot the way it has, when it has so much opportunity to look fantastic.

  3. Larry says:

    I think Senator Chapman did a great job of stewardship for the people of Georgia. Jekyll Island fills a niche that should be cleaned up, not built up. If you want crowded, over developed and touristy, you have St. Simons Island. If you want primitive, you have Cumberland Island. In between, both literally and figuratively is Jekyll Island. It’s a great place for a relatively quiet get-a-way and I applaud Senator Chapman for helping keep it that way.

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