Whitehead has foot in mouth disease [UPDATED]

I can’t get this link to work right now, but Doug Monroe has a blog post up there about Sen. Jim Whitehead suffering a bad case of foot in mouth disease. Doug is always worth reading and catching things like this is just another reason why:

The House Appropriations Committee stripped out of the state budget the money that Governor Perdue had put in to begin preliminary planning for the UGA/ Medical College collaboration on the Navy School campus. Where’s the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee from? You got it – Augusta. It’s true that there’s plenty of time left for the Governor and the General Assembly to fund the medical college here, but that is a highly political process in which Athens-Clarke County has little clout. And let us not forget that prominent Republican State Senator Jim Whitehead (also from the Augusta area) “joked” that UGA is run by a bunch of liberals, and if it weren’t for the football team, he’d just as soon somebody bombed the school out of existence. He’s running for Congress in our district.

Several folks tell me that Whitehead actually made this remark three years ago, not recently and definitely not in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

That puts a whole different light on the matter. As Senator John Douglas notes in the comments, Senator Whitehead has quite the sense of humor to boot.


  1. John Douglas says:

    How about some common sense here? Jim Luckily you never said anything silly Erick…..

    Jim Whitehead has had one of the best senses of humor in the Senate. The man can look at just about any situation and find something funny to break the tension and make people feel better. The 10th District will be the winner once Jim arrives in DC. A class act from start to finish, Jim Whitehead is a friend to many, including me and I wish him the very best.

  2. bowersville says:

    Ohhhh! Read Doug Monroe? This is old news reported weeks ago in the Athens newspaper. Apparently it didn’t get any traction, so here we go again.

    It was a joke, maybe in poor taste to some, but a joke. GET A LIFE!

    While you’re reading Doug Monroe, and I admit I do from time to time, read the article titled “Brief Breaks for Buffoons(sp).” Catchy title?…yes…joke?…probably.

    But what’s interesting in Monroe’s article is …”best comment…Bobby Kahn…who I admit that I miss terribly…”

    Was Monroe joking with the Kahn statement?, probably not.

  3. Holly says:

    I read the post by Doug Monroe. I’d like to point out how telling this statement is to how much faith you could put in him being fair to any Republican candidate:

    A statement like Whitehead’s — suggesting UGA should be bombed out of existence save for the football team — might haunt him in a state that wasn’t as brainless red as Georgia.

  4. Well I look forward to John Douglas vouching for John Eaves and Shirley Franklin’s stellar sense of humor the next time they do something you all think is offensive.

  5. bowersville says:

    C’mon Chris, Monroe’s article rambles from the House Appropriations Chairman removing money from the budget for the planning for the UGA/medical college at the former Naval complex even though Perdue wanted the money…to the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee is from Augusta to this joke tying into VT and the lack of funds to UGA.

    In case you forgot, Gov. Perdue graduated from UGA.

    At best, Monroe’s conclusions are a stretch, if not down right ridiculous.

  6. The point the article is making is a bit of a stretch, but the real focus should be on Whitehead’s comment. Is this the type of comment we expect from a Congressman?

    Would John Douglas vouch for a liberal who “joked” about a bombing of a conservative group he identied with?

    When did it become appropriate for public officials to joke about our state’s premier institute of public education being bombed because he disagrees with the perceived bias of the majority of that institution.

    If someone joked about bombing the Capitol because they disagreed with the politics of the legislators they’d be investigated. Apparently Douglas thinks Whitehead should go to Congress for essentially doing the same thing.

  7. bowersville says:

    The joke’s three years old, where were y’all last election?

    I guess it didn’t matter then. A little bit of situational ethics?

    Besides, I haven’t read about Douglas blasting/condemning Franklin for a joke.

  8. CHelf says:

    I’m sure that the bastion of liberalism in his district would be sure to get loads of earmarks from his own doing if elected. Would that make him an enabler of that liberalism he wants to bomb?

    I’ve been waiting for a correction on his theory of illegal alien Al Qaeda terrorists being registered by liberal groups. I have yet to see proof of something he claims as fact. Seeing this as one of his key issues I would hope he gets his facts straight.

  9. Jmac says:

    Everyone is completely misreading the context of this thing.

    This appeared in a weekly newspaper, Flagpole, in Athens-Clarke County. As a weekly newspaper with a delivery date of Wednesday, this particular column, written by editor Pete McCommons, was finished prior the tragedy at Virginia Tech shooting. Flagpole, like most weekly publications, have a considerably earlier print date.

    The essence of the column was to focus more on geographical concerns – the fact that an Augusta-area legislator controls the appropriations committee and that the frontrunner for the 10th District seat has ties to Augusta and, joking or not, has made some comments in the past that are disparaging about Athens-Clarke County – rather than partisan politics or jokes made in poor taste.

    It was wrong of Monroe to put that out there as that wasn’t at all the intent of McCommons’s column. In fact, it’s impossible for it to be the conclusion he was going for.

  10. dingleberry says:

    So…now that he no longer has foot in mouth disease, is the title of this post simply, “Whitehead”?

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