GOP District Conventions Open Thread

I wound up needing to bail on my District Convention. But the GOP conventions were today. Consider this an open thread.

I hear Cindy Coates got to speak at one today.


  1. JayHanley says:

    Just returned from the 10th CD Convention in Athens. The turnout was around 200. A tribute video was shown to honor the life of our late Congressman Charlie Norwood. Special guests were Lt. Gov. Cagle and Sen. Isakson. Both were warmly received. The nominated slate of officers including Dave Barbee of Augusta as Chairman were approved without opposition. The current 10th CD Chairman, Bob Matthews, is stepping down to run for State Party First Vice Chairman.

    The six Republicans running to succeed Congressman Norwood spoke to delegates: Paul Broun, Bill Greene, Julian “Hutch” Hutchins, Nate Pulliam, Erik Underwood and Jim Whitehead.

    Several resolutions were unanimously adopted including my resolution making Zell Miller an honorary member of the 10th Congressional District Republican Party.

    I’ll be glad to answer any questions about our convention.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    In the 7th, B.J VanGundy won . He was unopposed. John Linder and Sen Isakson spoke and received standing ovations. Well run convention .

    In the 13th District, Dawn Strickland defeated Jerri Barr by almost a 3-1 margin. Dawn received 38 votes to Jerri’s 13 votes.

  3. JRM2016 says:

    In the 3rd, Lane Watts, Chairman of Fayette County, was elected District Chairman.

    Congressman Westmoreland spoke and was well received. I would guess the total crowd at about 200 with 150 or so of those being delegates.

    In other news, a resolution was unanimously adopted to endorse Rob Doll of Muscogee County for 1st Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

  4. GOPeach says:

    Congrats DAWN STRICKLAND !!!!!
    She was re-elected CHAIRMAN of the 13th Congressional District by a LANDSLIDE!!!!

    Dawn Strickland had scheduled Ron Young ( POW shot down in Iraq and held hostage 22 days) to be the keynote speaker. He called at the last minute and was unable to leave the base.

    Soooooooo Dawn callled Cindye Coates in to be the keynote speaker at the last minute and she did a great job motivating the die-hard republicans to stay the course.

    The 13th LOVES DAWN! She is wonderful.

  5. Brian from Ellijay says:

    43 people, woww. I would not call that a landslide Peach.

    In the 9th, Kevin Harris was elected after Doug Grammer saw that there was no way he could win. Doug then opted to run for 1st Vice Chair where his opponent received 65% of the vote.

    Doug lost again.

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    As Debbie mentioned, Isakson and Linder spoke at the 7th CD Convention.

    Also speaking was a North Ga. College undergrad and US. Soldier. He gave an impassioned defense of our actions in Iraq and the War on Terrorism in general. In his opinion, those who tell him “I support you but not your mission” are saying “thanks for nothing.”

    Linder spoke longer than usual. He said he was motivated to do so by the shootings at Va. Tech. and the media’s coverage of it. Linder cited areas where the media is gettting the story wrong such as Global Warming and the Va. Tech shooting. Linder praised the alternative media several times during his speech. Of Va. Tech, he said “we don’t need to have a dialog on gun control, we need to have a dialog on mental health.”

  7. Holly says:

    JAY! You were there and I didn’t get to meet you. I am horribly disappointed, because I was hoping I would see you. I will make it a mission to introduce myself at the state convention.

  8. JayHanley says:

    Holly, I’ll be at the State Convention with Oconee County so come find me. It’d be a pleasure to meet you.

  9. Holly says:

    Good deal. I’ll look for you.

    That was a lovely resolution for Zell Miller. I was trying really hard to hear it read at times, even though I was sitting pretty close to the guy reading it.

  10. JayHanley says:

    I was the guy reading it. I thought I was loud enough, but apparently I was not as loud as I thought.

  11. StevePerkins says:

    Also speaking was a North Ga. College undergrad and US. Soldier. He gave an impassioned defense of our actions in Iraq and the War on Terrorism in general. In his opinion, those who tell him “I support you but not your mission” are saying “thanks for nothing.”

    Can’t say I particularly blame a soldier for feeling that way… but by that logic you could never question anything once the first boot hits the ground. If I had to choose between having this guy pissed at me, or having him killed in a campaign that stopped making sense years ago (if it ever did in the first place)… then frankly I’m glad he’s just pissed.

  12. bowersville says:

    I can’t speak for the young soldier from NGCSU.

    But to me ” I support you, but not your mission.” and “thanks for nothing,”

    I interpret as “If you don’t like my mission then have a backbone, change my mission, or be a weasel, leave me here and thanks for nothing for complaining without a solution.”

  13. GOPeach says:


    Why can’t you be happy for Dawn?
    Why must you be so nasty?

    The 13th is heavily democrat –
    I guess you did not know that!

    Jeri Barr only got 13 people in 5 counties
    out to vote for her! Is that impressive?

  14. bowersville says:

    Plus “slow bleed me while I’m here on the mission you don’t support. Build some peanut storage…go to Damascus, take another week off, meet with Assad, not Bush…don’t replenish my supplies, don’t repair my Stryker….and on and on and on. But please…tell me you support me…no thanks.”

  15. Louis_Oliverio says:

    I attended the Fifth District Convention. I am from the part of DeKalb County that was just added into the Fifth District–so DeKalb delegates were far outnumbered by Fulton. Overall, though, it was a good group of delegates, including National Committeewoman Linda Herron and Author/Commentator Phil Kent. The convention was held at the most grand venue I’ve ever seen for a local convention–the Academy of Medicine in Atlanta’s Midtown region. Most of the proceedings at the Convention were basic, ordinary things. At the end of the convention, Delegate Bob Shaw specifically recognized the new folks from DeKalb, and the results of the Straw Poll were announced. Rudy came in first, then Fred Thompson, followed by Newt. Several typical resolutions were adopted, including one addressing statements made by the Congressional member from the Fifth District during the Fulton County Commission race in 2006. Next and final stop on the 2007 Convention Tour–Gwinnett Center!

  16. StevePerkins says:

    I interpret as “If you don’t like my mission then have a backbone, change my mission, or be a weasel, leave me here and thanks for nothing for complaining without a solution.”

    I think the changes to which you refer would be recognizing that you can’t force a culture onto people that don’t want it… so leave them to squabble in their sandbox while we go deal with things that directly affect our interest. In other words, get the 130K-150K troops out of Iraq and into Afghaninstan instead. Then maybe we can do better than controlling just the capital city and leaving most of the contry to tribal warlords. We can maybe get back to capturing Bin Laden, which was supposed to be the goal behing the so-called “war on terror” in the first place before our civilian leadership dropped the ball and forgot about it.

    I have no problem with people going to fight for our country, I’m not pacifist. I just think the civilian leadership has an obligation to send them to places where any sacrifices won’t be in vain. Nobody wants to think their loved ones are going through all that for nothing… but if people want to prevent just that, they can’t be too cowardly to state the obvious. At this point, the men and women over there are dying for no real reason beyond some stateside politicians trying to avoid an “I told you so”, and that sucks.

    As for your other bits about Pelosi going to Syria, or for that matter the Republican congressmen who recently went to Syria also without anyone batting an eyelash, I agree that all that is pathetic as well. The only thing I’m more disappointed in right now than our nation’s President is the fact that a country of 300 million still hasn’t put forth any credible leadership to check him. It’s just a pissing match between civilian politicians, with troops stuck in the middle as pawns like always.

  17. kendrial says:

    Down at the first district we had a turn out of about 160+ or -. Art Gunter, barely won re-election. The vote had to be done by secret ballot, which didn’t take as long as it could have, thanks to the foresight of Burke Guy, who already had preprinted ballots. I believe that all the resolutions passed. However, the “bring your gun to work” resolution brought lots of discussion, but eventually passed.

  18. GOPeach says:


    Doug Grammer is a great guy.
    He would have done a great job.

    Although, I know Kevin Harris is Pro-Life !

    Chairman Dawn Strickland ( 13th CD) and
    Chairman Kevin Harrie (9th CD) are both
    Pro-Life Conservatives! Awesome!

    I am seeing a Pro-Life trend….
    The Surpreme Court is upholding the the law
    to ban partial-birth abortion and GOP delgates
    are fighting for Pro-Life Conservatives to
    take the lead.

    My guess is Guiliani will have to either become
    a Pro-Life or take a backseat to New or Thompson!

    To Life!

  19. GOPeach says:

    Let me try this again..

    Jeeeeze — I am playing with grand kids and trying to type at the same time…

    …I am seeing a Pro-Life Trend….
    The Surpreme Court is upholding the law
    to ban partial-birth abortion and GOP delgates
    are fighting for Pro-Life Conservatives to
    take the lead.

    My guess is Guliani will have to either become
    a Pro-Life candidates or take a backseat to Newt and/or Thompson!

    The GOP is the PRO-LIFE PARTY!
    Like it or leave it.

  20. Holly says:


    Firstly, I think most people in the Republican party would describe themselves as pro-life, so I don’t see it as a new “trend”. I think it’s pretty much a mainstay.

    Secondly, if we want the party to be successful and grow, I’d warn against taking positions such as “like it or leave it”. There is nothing that says we must agree all of the time to be Republicans, and neither is there anything that says we should have to hold the same position on every single issue. There are pro-choice Republicans. There are Republicans who believe that abortions are warranted in certain circumstances, and then there are those who are always anti-abortion. That’s just one issue of many on the party’s platform.

    As for myself, I don’t subscribe to every single last detail of the party’s platform, but I am most comfortable as a Republican because it is the platform that fits my beliefs system best. That’s how people pick political parties, by what fits them best, and we should welcome those to us who aren’t hard-line conservatives. Moderates are good people, too!

  21. GOPeach says:


    Dawn Strickland and Kevin Harris are 2 CD Chairs who are 100% Pro- Life ( no acceptions). I see their victories yesterday as a wonderful new day in Georgia. It sends a signal to the moderates that the Conservatives are not going any where and after a few recent defeats of stron pro-life candidates, they have awakened from a long nap!

    I am not opposed of allowing ( compromisers) to come into the party as long as they do not hinder the Pro-Life Stand the GOP has taken in order to win the majority. I am however opposed to anyone who tries to silence those of us who see abortion as a government-funded holocaust and a way to get rid of the “unwanted” and “inconvenent ” Americans.

    It’s only one issue okay! ONE ISSUE that should not be ignored! What we compromise to keep, we will loose.

  22. GOPeach says:


    I think you should know that the 13th Congressional District has never had over 25 delegates. Dawn Strickland secured 38 votes yesterday and it was the largest convention with
    teh largest number of votes ever, so she should be congratulated for breaking records in the GA GOP. She is a native American single mother with great work ethics. We should all be proud!

  23. Brian from Ellijay says:


    That was not meant to be a slam on Dawn, but on the number of attendees.

    I know Dawn and like her. Just thought that was very low turnout. I am from a small county, but we had 15 from my county attend my district.

    I guess my assumptions were that turnout would be porportional. BTW, the Ninth had right around 200 for the convention.

  24. JRM2016 says:


    I would imagine that the Congressional Districts that are represented by Democrats would have fewer delegates than those represented by Republicans.

    For example, the 3rd and the 9th have Republican representation and had it sounds like similar sized crowds. But I would guess that the 4th and the 13th, for example, would have fewer GOP voters and therefore fewer delegates.

  25. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Obviously JRM, the delegate count is based on XX amounts of voters for Bush or Sonny in a district. Being said I know it is a helluva lot more than 50 delegates. Ours was almost 300.

  26. Holly says:

    We were allowed 48 delegates for Columbia County at the 10th District Convention. I was wondering how in the world they figured the numbers. Thanks, JRM.

    GOPeach, I’m not suggesting that we compromise the stand; rather, however, we shouldn’t alienate those who differ on that issue by saying things like “leave”.

  27. GOPeach says:

    Nobody says “leave” Holly.

    Maybe just “Pick and choose your battles.”

    If I were a pro-choice republican – I would
    not make that known within the party. I would
    keep that under the radar and just let the pro- life
    people fight the liberal democrats on this.

    I would not fight my fellow -republicans who would give their own life to save the life of a child. I do not know one “pro-choice” person willing to die for their right tp murder the unborn.

    I have also noticed that all the pro-choice republicans all have a mother. 🙂

    Anyway- my point is…
    The Pro-Life Conservatives Leadership are showing that they are strong and willing to work hard in the party. I am delighted.

  28. GOPeach says:

    Brian- I am not surprised dear.

    You have Nathan Deal as your Congressman!
    You in a REPUBLICAN CD.

    Try getting Clayton, Henry, and South Fulton jazzed bout the GOP… Now that that takes work!
    A heluva lot of work that must be noticed.
    You go Dawn!

  29. GOPeach says:

    The 13th was drawn to be a democrat district. But we have high hopes and we are excited! Cindye Coates was an outstanding motivational speaker and I heard that she inspired people to run for the executive board that had given up on the district.

    That’s C-Biscuit for ya.

  30. TPSoCal says:

    Hello All;

    I am going to be re-locating to Atlanta area. I was wondering the best way to get involved in the Ga GOP. I have been involved with State / Local Gov’t Relations for my former employer (actually, I was the ONLY Republican they knew, so they would send me to GOP functions to represent the company). I love state politics and would really like to get involved. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.


  31. Holly says:


    Once you know which county you’re going to be living in when you get to Atlanta, you can find the county party on the web from the county parties list. Most county parties list meeting times on their web sites.

    Welcome to Georgia!

  32. drjay says:

    the 12th district convention went w/out a hitch. the slate presented by the nominating ctte. was elected by acclamation so dennis coxwell remains our chair–and my beautiful bride was elected treasurer for the district.

    max burns spoke, as did a young lady from vidalia who read a letter from her husband serving in iraq. our resolutions all passed except for one introduced from the floor about gun control, that sited the virginia tech massacre–it ended up being tabled-which of course killed it-it was a difficult discussion–mainly b/c there was only 1 copy that was read from the podium and some of the language was in need of refinement–but ammending it w/out holding a copy in your hand is kinda hard…

    there was a discussion about numbers of delegates on this thread–we had about 70 or so if i remember right–we were allotted about 150–from my work on credentialling–i seem to recall delegate assignment based on vote totals from 04 for president bush at a ratio of 1 delegate per 750 bush votes…

  33. Bill Simon says:


    It also may depend on your age. If you are of the Young Republican age (18-40, inclusive), you might find a YR club more to your liking to dip your feet into.

  34. debbie0040 says:

    Anyone know what happened with the Sixth and Eleventh district Conventions?

    Also what is the latest in regard to Fulton county?

  35. GOPeach says:

    A note forwarded to me from the 13th District Chairman Dawn Strickland:

    “On Peach Pundit, Brian asked GO Peach how many delegates the 13th could have. We were allowed a total of 111 delegates. However, all of the counties did not fill all of their delegate positions. Therefore, at yesterday’s convention there could only be a total of 100 delegates.

    We had a total of 55 delegates in attendance who were seated. However, each county had delegates who could not be seated. There were an additional 6 people who attended that could not be seated. It was considered to be a very successful convention.

    Also, there was an African American gentleman from Clayton County, Michael Onyemeram, present who was motivated by Dr. Cindye Coates’ speech. If fact, he was so motivated that he went to see the Nominating Committee. He was nominated for a Vice-Chair position and won. Everyone left the 13th convention looking forward to the next 2 years. “

  36. rugby_fan says:

    As this is an open thread…correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t the Black Caps supposed to offer the slightest amount of challenge to Australia last Friday? I guess they didn’t get the memo which is fine with me.

    Go Sox too!

  37. patriot says:

    At the 8th CD Conv. in Macon, the Outgoing Chairman, Don Layfield led a well-organized Convention. Delegates numbered over 100.

    Several resolutions were passed… supporting Pres. Bush and V.P. Cheney… condemning Sen. Reid’s statement re: the War in Iraq, asking the GA Senate delegation to speak out against him… supporting the troops… and a resolution “commemorating and celebrating the decision of the U.S. Supreme Ct. to uphold the law banning partial birth abortions.”

    Former Congressman Mac Collins addressed the crowd and he was well recieved.

    Several comments were made suggesting that Rep. Jim Marshall needs to “come back home.”

    More later on the newly elected leadership…

  38. Demonbeck says:


    Why did you need to make bail to go to your district convention? One too many Sine Die parties?

  39. GOPeach says:

    Oh .. wanna hear a funny story???

    A new delegate walks up to Stan Coates very concerned about the last day of session…

    He says ” Did you hear what the Speaker said when he realized the Governor vetoed the budget? …. The Speaker was so mad, he said.’
    Sunny Die!”…. LOL 🙂

    Stan Coates has to give the new delegare a quick Latin Lesson! Lord have mercy. Never a dull moment in politics.

  40. Demonbeck says:

    This moment brought to you by the Georgia Department of Education. “Slowly lowering parental expectations for 134 years.”

  41. shep1975 says:

    In the 11th we heard from Speaker Richardson who did not mix any words about the legislative session and, of course, our wonderful Congressman, Phil Gingrey.

    Elections were quiet and most everyone was re-elected to their positions. We do have a new First Vice-Chairman, me, and therefore a new VC of Communication and IT, Stephen Bradford of Floyd County.

    We passed a few resoultions, but didn’t conduct a straw poll.

    Scott Johnson did a great job chairing the convention

  42. Chris says:

    Who is the bigger doody head? Sonny, Glenn or Casey.


    The more interesting question is: Will the special session be called before, during, or after the GOP state convention?

  43. bowersville says:

    The biggest question I have, is a special session required by law or Constitution?

    And if not, with a possible veto override looming by the Senate, is any one taking odds on Perdue not calling a special session?

  44. gmcdaniel85 says:

    What I want to know is, “Where was Erick and why did he have to bail on the convention?” I was at the Capitol until Sine Die as were Reps. Allen Freeman and Allen Peake. We all managed to make it to Macon on time.

    That was the third time I was going to try to met you in person. What’s up? Am I that imposing? 🙂

  45. Bill Simon says:


    I’d hate to break this to you, but “Erick” is not a real person. Thus the reason why you cannot ever seem to meet him in person…

  46. gmcdaniel85 says:

    He sure does make a lot of volunteer and delegate lists to be a phantom…

    While it is easy to have “imaginary friends” vote, I would hope the standard is set a little higher for delegates (which are elected) to a convention.

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