A Winner Worth Mentioning

Dogface makes a good point. Brad Alexander is definitely a winner. You’d think Casey had been Lieutenant Governor longer than four months. Brad steers the ship for the Lt. Gov. and has done a masterful job through a hellavalot of storms in four months.


  1. Holly says:

    I’d add Jaillene Hunter to that list. She’s come on board in the past couple of months as a great communications director for Casey.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Ditto. Don’t forget Russel Carlson too. Those three did a wonderful job this session. Casey has assembled the best staff since Paul Coverdell.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Isn’t it Jaillene Erickson now?

    Brad was spokesperson for Bob Barr previously. Between the wiccan witches calling to curse the his boss, guns going off at fundraisers and Bill Simon following them around in a Yosemite Sam outfit, any job would be easy in comparison.

    Can’t say enough good things about the entire Cagle staff.

  4. Holly says:

    It’s Jaillene Erickson Hunter. 🙂

    Erickson is her maiden name. She married Mitch Hunter, former chief of staff for Phil Gingrey.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    I would have sworn it was the other way around, but I will freely admit I could be wrong.

    Either way, Jaillene does a great job.

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