Wow. Snide Senate.

Casey Cagle is speaking from the pulpit with this snide little tone saying basically that he is going to ignore the kids who walked over from the House who came over to deliver the veto. They are going to “stand at ease until 12 o’clock.” Several Senators clapped.

He says they are going to work on legislation for the state of Georgia — notice he did not say “people” now. He really can’t because he said he was working on that budget for the people and now that he doesn’t want to override the veto and actually pass the budget for the people, he’s working for the state now, not the people.

Can we have Mark Taylor back for a day?


  1. joshdondich says:

    Casey Cagle had a good first 2 months, but know if he puts his loyalty to Sonny Purdue before Georgia Taxpayer’s and Peachcare, then I smell one termer and defeat if he tries to run for Governor in 2010. It is your choice Lieutenant Governor.

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