Sine Die Open Thread

You can watch the live feed by using this link: mms://
Mac views, open Quicktime and then select “Open URL” from the File menu.

With today being the last day (NOT!) of the 2007 Session of the Georgia General Assembly, I think an open thread is in order.

What was your favorite bill? Least favorite?
Best quote from a legislator? Dumbest quote from a legislator?

I know a few people are planning to head down to the capitol after work, so I’ll update this post with liveblogging links as I receive them.

Not that there is anything at all interesting going on down there. 🙂

Update: I hear it pronounced “signey die” not “sin die” or “sign die”. I assume thats Latin for something. Any Latin speakers want to chime in on the correct pronunciation. “signey” doesn’t sound very Latin to me.


  1. adamsmith4883 says:

    sī’nĭ dī’ē

    It is latin. From the Carl Vinson Institute of Goverment…


    The final adjournment of a legislative session for the year. The term literally means adjournment without a day [for reconvening].”

  2. Scotlion says:

    “The House will come to order. I’m not sure that block of wood is going to make it.”
    – Speaker Richardson

    …neither am I sure we ALL are gonna make it…
    – Me

  3. adamsmith4883 says:

    “I am certain the gentleman knows of which he speaks”
    – Just about everyone at some point or another

  4. gmcdaniel85 says:

    Overheard in the hallway…

    “I’m going to kill her with kindness and then I’m going to bury her in her own stupidity.”

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Is there one good reason we’d want to waste a perfectly good Friday evening at the Gold Plated Cracker Barrel? I’m going to Manuel’s to assist Amber, Rusty, etc. in celebrating Being Amber Rhea’s 5th year of giving ’em total cyber hell. I like to move forward when I socialize, not backwards.

  6. Scotlion says:

    Wikipedia…renowned for its academic trustworthiness.. also states that our common usage here in GA is the “vulgar but accepted” version…

  7. Icarus says:

    Well, today is a “new day” in Georgia (though not the one we thought we voted for). Anyone got their ear close enough to the ground to see if cooler heads are prevailing today, and if a compromise is in order to avoid a special session?

  8. Burdell says:

    Steve, Shafer’s bill is on the House calendar for today as a “Structured Rule,” which I think means no amendments may be offered from the floor. No telling if it’ll be considered or not, though.

  9. GAWire says:

    I don’t know about “Sine Die” but I heard the proper latin pronunciation for “Georgia Legislator” is pronounced … “YOOSE LESS”

  10. Icarus says:

    “The Senator has a good point. We’ve been ringing the ding-a-ling.”

    While it is presumed that Sen Johnson is referring to the voting bells, one could argue he’s referring to the Gov, Speaker, Lt. Gov, or others…

  11. adamsmith4883 says:

    If I may self-quote…

    “What the hell!?!”

    My mother always told me that profanity was for those who didn’t have the vocabulary for articulate expression. I am not sure there is not a word that describes this day that is not at least mildly profane…

  12. Icarus says:

    Adam Smith,

    It’s the invisible hands of ego and incompetence, working together to bring you goverment by the people, for the people…

    I’d say “WTF?” myself, but my Mother wouldn’t approve, either.

  13. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Scotlion’s correct. It’s See-nay Dee-ay with the correct Latin pronunciation, from sine (without) and dies (day). Together in that construction (preposition + ablative case), it means “without date.”

  14. adamsmith4883 says:

    Following the “Varsity Vote” (Red for hotdogs, green for hamburgers):

    Rep. Millar: The catheterization club is requesting that onion rings be brought as well.

    Rep. Sims: Point of Privilege

    Speaker: whata ya got?

    Rep. Millar: He’s going to take me home…

    Rep. Sims: An’t nothing wrong with a funeral

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