Sine Die: At the Capitol……

Senate stood at ease about the time I arrived (4pm) and they’ll reconvene at 6pm. When I asked where the LG is, I was told “Somewhere in the building”. The lobbyists swarming around the place. Its pretty surreal. No real idea where the budget battle stands, but I’ve got to wonder this: Is Cagle just gonna run out the clock. Make it so there is no supplemental and see that money rolled into an 08 budget that is hammered out in a special session.

There may be some wisdom in that – the special session can only consider issues that the Governor includes in the call – all the abortion, gun and Jykel Is nonsense is off the table. The budget will have their full and undivided attention.

I’m gonna go see if the House Gallery allows laptops.

18:09 House doesn’t allow laptops. The Senate is much more technology savvy. I credit last session Science and Technology Chair. Senators are filing into the room now.

18:15 – Looks like a deal might have been reached in the senate. The money will go to either debt relief, rainy day or some combo there of. Looks like the LG may have gotten what he originally wanted thanks to the Gov.

18:27 – It sounds like they are about to strip the SB5 language from the house version. So much standing up to the REAL ID Act.

18:43 They’re now debating if people who raise Alligators are farmers for workman comp purposes.

19:27 Stepped out of the Senate to grab some food. its gonna be long night. Now I’m back and it seems that the Ultra-Sound bill won’t die as Sen. Orrock is still speaking on it. Caught up w/ Chairman Erhart as the House Rules committee was adjourning. He said the House’s position is pretty clear: they want tax relief for GA taxpayers.

Looks like the senate just accepted a conf committee report on the Ultra sound bill. Not sure waht that means right now.

19:46 – The Saving the cure act passed 48-0

20:43 – My battery is running dry and the Senate when into recess while the house debates SB10 (Special Need Vouchers). The proponents have spoken and now the speaker is giving opponents 20 minutes to speak.

21:13 – Battery isn’t charged yet. Jason is blogging over here.

21:22 – The House passed SB10 with 91 votes – the bare minimum. Thank you Mr. Speaker.

21:29 – House is talking about private cities. Senate isn’t taking up House bills. Not sure whats going on.

21:40 – Sounds like the House is talking about private cities again.

21:53 – Rep. Davis is speaking against the private cities amendment.

22:06 – Less than two hours to go. Sounds like the House is gonna use the next 20 minutes on private cities. That will probably keep house bills out of the senate. At 10:30 the House can take up the 2008 Budget.

22:18 – Steve Davis objected to HR826 a transfat study committee. Its probably the only think the Speaker and Rep Davis have agreed on all session. Go Steve. Eh. It failed anyway.

22:30 – Senate is debating class size. House still hasn’t taken up the FY08 Budget.

22:32 – A the speaker is about to take up the budget…..
Rep Harbin is speaking on the Conf Committee Report. Apparently the Senate drafted the bill (even though it must originate in the house).
At the same time the Senate is taking up the Conf Committee Report.

22:39 – Sen Hill said Sonny gets his fish money, along w/ a Civil war and civil right trail
p0rk p0rk p0rk.

23:09 – House passed the budget – there were 3 Nays. Now they are back on the ultrasound bill.

23:14 – 45 minutes to go and the house passes the Woman’s right to know Act (aka ultrasound bill) 110-47.

Wow. There were boos when the Speaker gave the floor to one of The Governor’s bills. It was a bio-fuels bill so it wasn’t even that controversial. (hb186) – It passed.

23:25 – The Jekyll Is. bill passed at 40 year leases. CCR also has south end protections. Unanimous .

23:29 – The senate must be done, they’re just congratulating themselves now.

23:31 – They’re discussing where the Sine Die post-party will be.

23:42 – Senate is suspending the rule that certain bills lay on the desk for 1 hr. Probably good since they’ve got less then 20 min to go.

23:50 – I’m watching both feeds and the LG is talking to the speaker.
Cagle looks tired.

Humm – Looks like my PC clock is 4 minutes fast from the Senate/House’s clock. Adjust your time line accordingly.

23:59 – The House takes up SB39 now. 2 minutes before. And they’re voting. LG & Speaker on the phone. I wonder what bill the Senate is holding up on SB39.

SB39 Passed the house 136-19. And the Senate is now voting…..

And the House adjourned Sine Die.

Cagle is counting down. The Senate passed SB39 and adjourned Sine Die!

‘night folks.


  1. The Comma Guy says:

    …and the cost per day for a special session is what? Any chance only the budget folks could meet without having the full bunch hanging out under the Gold Dome, waiting for a bill to pass?

  2. Demonbeck says:


    That would be interesting, but it would resonate more as a sign of weakness or would come off looking like they care more about turf battles than they care about the people who elected them.

  3. Bill Kecskes says:


    Giving taxpayers a $142mm refund is caring about them. Hiding behind transmittal of a phantom veto document is playing turf games.

  4. Bill Kecskes says:

    I just read Governor Perdue’s press release announcing the HB 94 veto. I’m still trying to figure out what the Governor was saying with the following quote in his letter. Ideas anyone?

    “Our situation today reminds me of a Chinese proverb: “A man who cannot feed himself has one problem. A man who is full has many.”

    And that’s where I think we find ourselves with the ’07 budget.”

  5. Demonbeck says:

    People with a lot have many problems, none are as vital as the hungry man’s one problem.

    and Bill, taking one’s ball and going home would be taken as a sign of pettiness. The best thing the Speaker can do for his image is to stay and fight. Leaving says, he and the House don’t have the energy, drive or motivation to do so.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Why doesn’t the Senate post their rules calendar on the day of?

    I am not so sure the Senate is more “technolocy savy” as Chris put it. (Apparently, they don’t offer spell check over there.)

  7. Chris says:

    It wasn’t erick, it was me who can’t spell. And they need to do that.

    oooh. Senate is back in session. Need to head up there.

  8. NKD says:

    Thanks for the updates. I can’t watch the session on my computer and wasn’t able to make it to the capitol today.
    All this animosity between the House and Senate — what a downer on the 40th day in the final hours…

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