How can a veto be unconstitutional?

Yeah, that’s right, here’s what Perdue spokesman Dan McClagan told the Associated Press:

A spokesman for the governor said the House veto was “clearly illegal and unconstitutional.”

“Now that the House is done with their temper tantrum hopefully they can come back in and finish their homework,” Dan McLagan said.

Before I get to that statement, let me say that I agree with Rep. Porter’s speech on the floor of the House.  That budget didn’t just contain a $142 million tax cut, it also contained money to preserve Peachcare and to help the cash-strapped public defenders system.  I honestly don’t know why the Governor just didn’t use his line-item veto power if he didn’t like the tax cuts.

But here’s the real question for all you lawyers…how can something that is codified in both the U.S. Constitution and the Georgia Constitution be “unconstitutional.”