BREAKING: House Is Seeking Supreme Court Involvement

The Georiga House is rumored to be seeking the Supreme Court’s involving in determining whether or not it’s veto override was constitutional. See the post directly below this one for an explanation.

Folks, we have a constitutional crisis.


  1. Icarus says:

    Anyone want to wager on how hard Justices Hunstein and Collins (Sears?) are going to work to bail Sonny out?

  2. dingleberry says:

    This is EXACTLY the image of the 2007 that Republicans need to leave us with.

    I for think it is healthy for both the party and the people of Georgia when both houses and the governor refuse to offer eachother unconditional support! Hell yeah!

    I hope this goes on for days…eventually, they’ll have to come up with something good.

  3. Donkey Kong says:

    If the LP didn’t have so many wackos, I’d consider dumping the GOP altogether.

    Jason, run for National Chair of LP, clean ship, and give us a conservative party, please. You’d have one more member here, and I’m sure I can bring some friends.

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