Sonny reaches out to Democrats

From the Political Insider:

We’re told that Gov. Sonny Perdue is putting out feelers to House Democrats, to gauge whether they would support his veto of the $700 million, 2007 supplemental budget.

The question is what it might cost the governor.

Perdue on Wednesday threatened to veto the bill, which contains a $142 million tax rebate to property owners, though the cost of distributing the checks, and the amount, has become a matter of contention. The bill might also force temporary layoffs among some literacy teachers and prosecutors.

The 180-member House has proceeded apace. To override a gubernatorial would require a two-thirds vote of the chamber. Among the chamber’s 106 Republicans, an override vote would become a test of loyalty to the Speaker and his leadership team.

Democrats would find themselves the deciding votes. And something tells us the governor wouldn’t be the only bidder.


What say you, Republicans?

Screw over the taxpayers? That’s what Sonny did.


  1. Bill Arp says:

    Sorry Booby, unlike you, Speaker Richardson does not publish articles under the name Bill Shipp….Just because you have ruined your party don’t start balking at the practices of others….oh yeah, I forgot, you always rode coattails and never ran for office….

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