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The Daily Report has more. Also, here is Judge Parrott’s original order denying the adoption of Emma by Hadaway.

A few things to point out:

  • The Wilkinson County Court system previous had given custody of Emma to Hadaway in accordance with Emma’s natural mother’s wishes. When Judge Parrott denied the adoption, he also set aside the previous lawful finding that custody should go to Ms. Hadaway based on the natural mother’s wishes of what was in the best interests of the child.
  • In going to Bibb County, Hadaway failed to appeal Judge Parrott’s ruling, which she probably should have done.
  • Parrott does make a valid argument that it probably is not in the best interests of the child to be raised in that environment in a place like Wilkinson County due to a host of factors. That may sound bad, but it is Wilkinson County we’re talking about.
  • I get the impression from reading his opinion that he started from the premise of no adoption because Hadaway is gay and then circled the law wagons around that — including citing Florida law.
  • The Bibb County Court, at worst, moved the clock back to July, 2006, when the Wilkinson County Court agreed that Emma being with Ms. Hadaway is in the best interests of the child.

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  1. Doug Deal says:

    As I suspected, it was a lot of hyperbole and nonsense by the lynch Parrott crowd.

    It is obvious that the woman and her lawyer schemed to countermand the judge’s order, and they did indeed show contempt for his court. It is even quite possible the story with the mother was manufactured AFTER the contempt charge.

    As custody should have been with Wilkinson County, they are lucky that Parrott didn’t have them arrested and charged with felony kidnapping. If he was truly motivated by the single issue of hatred for all things gay, I am sure he would have taken that route.

    It is a shame that this woman had chosen to use this child as a tool for social change instead of following the law. A simple notification sent to the court and the filing of an appeal would have been the right approach.

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