Applause for Glenn Richardson

He’s thrown the Governor’s staff off the floor. At this point I think the Dems and GOP in the Legislature should consider Sonny the enemy. He seems willing to do anything for his stinking fish program. FISH! people. Holy Crap. Oh, and apparently he wants some land conservative stuff done, which makes me wonder if he’s purchased some somewhere that he wants to add value to.

Sonny Perdue has been lobbying individual members of the Georgia House of Representatives this afternoon, pushing them to take his side in a budget battle that continues to dominate the last days of the 2007 General Assembly session.

In response, Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson has shut the governor’s staff out of the floor of the House. That’s to keep them there for debate on pending bills, Richardson’s communications director, Clelia Davis said.

By the way, I think it is safe to say Sonny has no ambitions beyond Georgia. If he does, they aren’t with the Republican Party.


  1. Chris says:

    I think Sonny would be at home with the likes of Lott, Frist and Stevens.

    Certainly more than he would be at home with the likes of Colburn, Westmoreland and Pence.

  2. bowersville says:

    AJC P/I has reported at 7:10 pm that the house has abruptly adjourned a few minutes ago, with no plans to suspend the session as Perdue wanted, and they are obligated to be back tomorrow to finish the 40 day session.

    Reportedly, the Governor has been calling various members over to his office all day, wanting them to suspend the session, to allow time to work on the budget.

    It appears Richardson has upped the ante, and now the Governor must play his hand or fold.

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