Applause for Casey Cagle

He told the NRA to suck it up and shot them down.

Georgia made a great choice this past November.


  1. ToddH says:

    I don’t know, it seems as though it was resolved less from Cagle’s nerve and more from the will of the Republican caucus. Cagle seemed prepared to bow to the NRA.

  2. Holly says:

    Todd, I see your point, but in the end, Casey did end up taking the hit and not letting the senators have to endure a roll call adjournment.

  3. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    It seems that one Senator, JB Judas Powell, tried to hang the rest of the Senate by objecting to the adjournment. Luckily Casey either didnt hear him or ignored his squeel.

  4. ARBY says:

    CC owns this session. He has done an incredible job and is just about the only legislator that looks like he is working for GA rather than some lobbyist buddy. Most of the House should look to him for leadership.

  5. ToddH says:

    When I was stationed at Fort Gordon I seem to remember a JB Powell who ran some, to say the least, distasteful, slimy ads against an opponent of his. I can’t remember who that opponent was, but I remember feeling sick when Powell won the election. He’s a slimeball. ’nuff said.

  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Todd, I believe the candidate in question was Senator Randy Hall. He’s a good man.

    And yes, Powell is a slimeball.

  7. Holly says:

    It was Randy Hall.

    The ads were very unfair. They regarded his legal counsel to a church in south Augusta where a staff member reportedly assaulted a child. The church asked him whether they should report it to authorities or if the mother should, and Randy suggested the mother do it.

    JB Powell used that to say that Randy was trying to cover for the church and the sexual predator. He had the mother talk in the radio spot about her grief over his advice to the church.

    It was nasty.

    Randy Hall is a wonderful man. I worked with him on quite a few issues, and he was one of the few state senators who I knew wouldn’t let casework drop when I sent it his way. The Augusta area lost a good advocate when they voted him out, but south Augusta tends to not realize the value of good representatives when they have them.

  8. SpaceyG says:

    If CC really fought back the lobbyista, then here’s one liberal soccer mom who’s vote he’s now got in whatever office he pursues next. And BTW, I’m the Alpha Mom ’round this power hood; all the other moms do exactly what I tell ’em to do. Keep that in mind, all you candy-a*s legislators who eat for breakfast whatever the lobbyista tell you to eat.

  9. tony r says:

    I hate to break to everyone on here – but all the insider press reports (galloway, pettys) are saying cagle fought for the nra position but caved to his caucus.

    That don’t sound like a strong, heroic, bold leader to me.

  10. Bull Moose says:

    I am sure that you aren’t surprised, but I agree. Casey took ownership of this session.

    There are those that don’t like that. They are out there spreading lies and half truths about what went on during this session and what not.

    They should have been doing the people’s business instead of carrying water for special interest groups and their praise would be sung too.

    Georgia is fortunate to have a level headed person in office like Casey Cagle.

  11. Ben Marshall says:

    The NRA made the deal with Casey without the caucus, and when the NRA pissed off enough members of the caucus, they refused to go along with the deal he had made. I like Calge a lot, but more credit goes to the caucus. who stood up for themselves.

  12. ToddH says:

    Cagle is like a quarterback. When it goes bad he gets all the blame, and when it goes good he gets all the credit.

  13. SpaceyG says:

    Hmmm… now I’m not so sure what to believe about CC. But hey, it’s politics! Like I ever knew what to “believe” before… Can someone link to something that states who made up the caucus? I’m way too busy to go look it up myself right now. Bull Moose?

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