The Senate Just Raised Taxes

To fund the state’s trauma care, the Senate just passed 30-20 a 3 1/2% surcharge on all car rentals by amendment to a House Bill.

The “conservatives” in the Senate just voted for a tax increase. Oh wait, it’s a “surcharge.” How dare I call it a tax.

House guys, you know what to do!

UPDATED: It looks like this is part of the overall comprehensive effort to fund the trauma system in the state. The legislation is multifaceted, but part of it will will place a 3.5% surcharge on call car rentals — like an insurance policy. This appears to be the product of much compromise.


  1. dingleberry says:

    House guys, you know what to do!

    What in God’s name makes you think that? The House leadership has exhibited nothing but incompetence this session. Hell, you KNOW the House will pass this thing.

  2. Icarus says:

    The seniors contribute to trauma care by driving in the left lane on all Georgia interstates at 45 MPH.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Wow Erick, this is Staton’s baby. Aren’t you two friends or have you had a falling out?

  4. eehrhart says:


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  5. StevePerkins says:

    Ehh… I don’t know how vehemently I would attack this. Number one, trauma care is important, even if the title of Seth’s post was asinine. Number two, if you ARE going to raise revenues, doing so by fees on out-of-town businessmen and tourists is always more palatable than taxes on locals.

    We talk about hundreds of millions of pork in the budget like it’s a sports team making a bad trade that we don’t approve of. That stupid “Go Fish” thing is more of a source for inside jokes than it is a source for genuine outrage. An yet we’re pissed off and outraged that a five-buck fee is getting slapped on out of town visitors? Come on now guys, you gotta have the same zeal (or more) on the spending side as you do on the tax cutting side, else you’re just hypocrits like your national-level counterparts.

  6. Steve, priorities priorities. Folks believe you waive a wand and stuff happens. Which is more important fishing or making sure our trauma services are adequately funded? Fishing of course.!?

    You are absolutely correct.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    Make sure you debone the fish before you eat it. Trauma care is hurting apparently.

    Oh, and don’t speed on your way to the hospital, Operation Polling Blunder is out to save us from ourselves.

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