Slight apology in order

My headline from last week was not accurate:
Petty House leadership also pees on Taxpayers, Sick People | Peach Pundit

There was to be a House Ways and Means Committee hearing this morning on SR20, which among other things would limit how the General Assembly can spend money in a supplemental budget (education, rainy day fund, debt relief and tax refunds). The hearing was mysteriously canceled and no one knows why.

House leadership wasn’t responsible for killing the hearing on SR20 last week. The sponsor requested the hearing be postponed. Since the referendum wouldn’t happen till 2008 there was no reason it needed to be passed this year.

It also looks like the House Science and Technology Committee will be meeting again on SB148 (Saving the Cure Act) at 4pm today.

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  1. adamsmith4883 says:

    Someone was getting paranoid… There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on, but a lot of things like that have very simple explanations…

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